Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Links to Hubbard County Community 2017 AIS Prevention Event - Held on 3/20/17

Local news sources, organizations, and churches helped promote the Hubbard County Community Interdenominational event held Monday evening 3-20-17 Riverside United Methodist Church hosted for the 2nd year by Pastor Chip Nielsen.

1)  Introduction and Welcome – Pastor Chip Nielsen, Riverside United Methodist Church, Park Rapids
2)  Short video produced by Wildlife Forever on the Clean Drain Dry Initiative. (Leaders in the fight against invasive species.)
3)  New Challenges and Responses to AIS by Nicole Kovar, MN DNR Invasive Species Specialist.
4)  Hubbard County’s AIS Prevention Program by Bill DonCarlos, Hubbard County AIS Program Coordinator.
5)  Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates, Jeff Forrester, speaking on Statewide Challenge, Legislation & Policy at Capital.
6)  The Value of Clean Water – Shared Resource and Responsibility, by Dan Kittilson, Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations (HC COLA).
7)  Hubbard County COLA has posted a page with links to each power point presentation.  Click this link to see each power point.
8)  Park Rapids Enterprise Articles:

Remember to Clean, Drain, Dry 

your watercraft and equipment  plus  Decontaminate

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