Sunday, November 18, 2018

Weird Weather! Your Guess on Ice IN is as Good as the Weatherman's

This video was made Wednesday, 11/14/2018.

Then the weather changed..  for the next 3 days the temperature went just above freezing and the lake was ice free again.
Today, Sunday, 11/18/2018, there is ice forming on the lake once again.

So what is your guess?

When will Long Lake be completely covered with ice?

Take a look at the past graphs and charts. (   Look at the long range forecast.

Then make your guess.
Send it in an email to
with your name and email for us to contact you.

We will collect all your guesses and from them choose by a random drawing the winner of a wonderful winter quilt hanging (pictured here) from Monika's Quilt & Yarn Shop. The quilt will be awarded during the annual meeting in June of 2019.

The person (or persons) whose entry comes closest to the actual Ice-In date will be featured in a post on the blog in December this year.