Friday, December 30, 2016

Ellie's Fishing Story

1.  This is Ellie.
2.  She was with her family and her dog, Cooper, was close by when whe caught this little black bass.
3.  The bait Ellie used was Powerbait.
4.  She was at her family's cabin on the northwest end of the lake.
5.  The fish was caught over the 4th of July weekend 2016, around 11:00 in the morning.
6.  Ellie loves to fish from the end of the dock. It's just one of her many favorite pastimes at the cabin! She catches all sorts of pan fish, along with both rock and large mouth bass!

 Also Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year...especially to all of those who are ice fishing this winter.  Stay safe and have fun.  Send your winter pictures to us, too. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ice In! On December 16, 2016

Sharon Natzel checked with our deep side spotter families this morning.  They feel that the final ice-in date for 2016 is Friday, December 16th.  We took into consideration the extra weight of the snow last night on new ice that formed yesterday and those spots stayed frozen over, not re-opening, so its "a go" to declare 12/16/16 as the ice-in date.

Sharon will file our ice-in date for Long Lake with DNR/MPCA.

In our Guess the Date the Lake Freezes Over Contest Kay Schultz came the closest with a guess of of December 15th:  Bob Natzel guessed the 19th.

A final drawing from ALL participants names by an unbiased observer was held. The guesser's name drawn from the hat to receive the $20 gift certificate for Dairy Queen is Barb Kersting from Litchfield.  She is in LLAA Neighborhood 2 on Dakota Shores!  Congratulations to Barb !  The gift certificate will be mailed to Barb in Litchfield!  Special thanks to Barb plus all the others who ventured a guess for ice-in date on Long Lake!

The charts and other information will be posted on the Ice Data page as soon as they are received.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Logan's Fishing Story

1.  These are our twin (almost 5 year old) grandsons.  Logan, on the left, is the one who had a part in catching this bad boy northern.
2.  Logan and his brother, Jackson, were fishing with their dad and grandpa from our family's cabin dock.
3.  A sunfish was the bait that this northern hit on! Logan was fishing on the dock with this ugly stick; a great pole for young kids!  He caught a sunfish on a jig.  Grandpa Jeff was helping him reel in his sunny, when this big northern came up and ate the sunny!  After 5 minutes of jumping in the water and getting the northern loose from a stump Logan and Grandpa Jeff had their catch!
4.  This is Great Grandma's cabin property on the southwest side of Long by Hubbard!
5.  It was July 8, 2016, around 2 pm.
6.  Our cabin has been in the family for almost 40 years! We are so happy that our grandkids enjoy fishing as much as our many other family members do!  Thanks to their great grandpa and grandma who bought this place in 1979. (Great Grandma, "GG", still lives here!)  Many more Fish Stories will be made on Beautiful Long Lake!  Oh, by the way, this bad boy was CPR'd so the boys can catch him again next summer!  🎣

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Greetings from LLAA President Monika Wilkins!

Monika Wilkins was elected President of the Long Lake Area Association at the first LLAA board meeting of the fiscal year following the Annual Meeting in June.  Monika lives on the west side of Long Lake, hosts the Long Lake web cam, and is the Owner of Monika’s Quilt & Yarn Shop in Park Rapids.  She is dedicated to keeping Long Lake the beautiful place we all know and love. Following is her letter to us that opens our latest Newsletter.  Links to this newsletter and more can be found by scrolling down our Board Communications page.  To go directly to this newsletter click here →  2016 Fall Newsletter


Mother Nature just held her last big party dressed in reds, gold and bronze but now has taken off her colorful attire and is waiting for that white blanket of snow under which she will sleep until spring.

Animal friends are preparing for the long winter as well. Birds are flocking together and getting ready to fly towards the warmth of the south. Many of our friends and neighbors here at the lake are getting ready to leave us for the warmer climes as well.

Let me share with you Snowbirds some of the things you are missing while enjoying balmy temps so far away from our lake.

Imagine, just for a moment, sitting by the fireplace during the dark night watching hungry flames eating away at big chunks of wood. You can listen to the wind howling in the chimney and snowflakes whispering against the window glass. As you awaken the next morning you will witness bright blue sky, sunshine and freshly fallen snow glistening brilliantly as if a giant hand cast millions of diamonds over the landscape.

Now there are very cold temperatures descending from up north and our lake is being covered with a blanket of ice. The lake doesn’t always like it’s icy prison, and it can be heard moaning occasionally. Our lake and our surroundings sleep only to be visited once in a while by our wilderness animal friends as they think of the renewal of spring.

This and every other season make our lake the “Magic Place” we’ve all come to love and appreciate. Living here on the shores of Long Lake also challenges us to protect and care for the water and the shoreline.

Did you know Long Lake is part of a minor watershed? It is also one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in the area, fed only by groundwater. We can all do our part in protecting the water clarity by keeping septic systems up to Code, limiting the use of fertilizers and herbicides and planting vegetation along the lake shore. These practices can help to mitigate potentially harmful chemicals and pollution from reaching the water.

There is also a very real threat of AIS like Zebra Mussel and Starry Stonewort invading our lake which are difficult to control and can have dire consequences. Watercraft inspections and education are of the utmost importance. Our AIS Coordinator for Long Lake is Sharon Natzel. Sharon is a wealth of information and can answer any question you may have. She may direct you to the DNR and to HC COLA (Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations) for more information that can help you to move forward with a proactive role in keeping our lake healthy.

When all of us become involved in keeping our lake as pristine as nature intended, we will always be able to call it a “Magic Place” for generations to come.

Happy Winter! Monika Wilkins

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 2016 Email from Arthur Howe

Happy Thanksgiving to all our LLAA members, families, and friends!

As we gather at this time of year we are thankful for our shared memories of Long Lake.  This is a special suggestion of a way in which you and your family can support the critical watercraft inspection program and educational efforts of our Long Lake Area Association Foundation.

If you and your relatives exchange Christmas gifts, what about having people request that their gift be a check to the LLAA Foundation? What could be better than a gift to help keep our lake free from invasive species?

For this Christmas gift, request that the donor mail a check to:

LLAA Foundation
PO Box 808
Park Rapids MN 56470
Include in the check memo “(Your Family) Christmas Gift."  All of (Your Family) Christmas gifts will be combined based on the check memo notations.  The total of (Your Family) Christmas gifts will be recognized on the Foundation's website [LLAA (HC) Foundation] and each contributor will receive a receipt for their tax deductible gift.

Your Christmas gifts will contribute to 2016-2017 LLAA Foundation Fund Drive for watercraft inspections, education, and a rapid response fund.

Thank you for considering this gift that will help keep our lake healthy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Join the Fun: Guess the Ice In Date for 2016

Good Luck!

To engage the others who also cherish Long Lake here in Hubbard County, Lou and Kay Schultz have started the guessing game again this year as to when we will have "ice-in" this season! 

Using the 29 years of ice-in data on our website,  Lou notes that the mean ice-in date is December 11th based on the online data.

  • Lou's estimate is 12/20/16.
  • Kay's estimate is 12/15/16.
Refer to the ice-in data to help you with your guesstimate:

To participate for fun, please send your guess to All those selecting the winning date will be recognized.  A final drawing from ALL participants names by an unbiased observer will select one participant to receive the $20 gift certificate donated by an anonymous LLAA member.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Evidence of Beavers on Long Lake

Dan Rice, a resident of neighborhood 5, took these photos on Breezy Point last weekend.  We haven't seen many beavers around this year, not even out in the White's Tree Farm pond, but it is obvious that at least one beaver is living in the south pond or on the lake.  He or she is hard at work.  So keep watching for wild life in the area, because you never know what you will find. Take pictures.  Send them to  We would love to post them here and on Facebook this fall.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Restore the Shore Orders Forms Are Here

The "Restore the Shore (RTS)" order form for trees, shrubs, & plant kits is available at :

The deadline to order is November 1st.

Mail your order form and check made out to:
PO Box 808,
Park Rapids, MN 56470.

Our RTS Coordinator, Sharon Natzel will consolidate the orders for Long Lake and pick up the items the first week in May 2017 for you.

This past summer, Sharon purchased a pollinator kit through the RTS program and was very pleased; "The plant plugs actually bloomed this year in the buffer zone area so it was a very rewarding purchase!  I'm hoping to see the plants pop up their heads next spring so they can "creep" in year two and then "leap" in year three as they say about perennials!"

You will note there are 3 kits available for 2017 on the order form on page 2- - pollinator, rain garden and shade. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Latest AIS Threat is only 45 miles from Long Lake

Boat propellers are getting jammed in nearby lakes by dense growths of the invasive species starry stonewort.  

Starry stonewort has recently been confirmed in the following Minnesota Lakes:
  • Big Turtle Lake ( 45 Miles N of Long Lake), 
  • Cass Lake (45 miles NE of Long Lake), 
  • Upper Red Lake (80 miles N of Long Lake)
  •  Lake Koronis (120 miles S of Long Lake).
Dredging has started in Big Turtle Lake to try and remove the dense underwater growths.  It is estimated to cost $800,000 to treat Lake Koronis. 
Video of Dredging in Big Turtle Lake:

Starry stonewort is spread by physical transfer of the tendrils,  so it is now even more important to thoroughly clean all  boats entering Long Lake, even if they have only come from nearby lakes.

 If you find suspected starry stonewort in the lake, immediately call the Park Rapids DNR at
218 732 8960.

Free watercraft  decontamination is still available in Park Rapids, call 218 252 6738 for an appointment:

Starry stonewart is described here:      https://

Damage to Lake Recreation:     

AIS Conference Oct 5 and 6, St Cloud  (Still time to sign up for this conference)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Labor Day Weekend: Observe the Lake Survey

Since this will be the last and busiest weekend of the summer with lots of people using the lake, the Long Lake Area Association would like to ask that everyone help with an informal survey.

Please let us know what you see when you are out on the lake this weekend by sending an email to: (Photos welcome.)

  • Look for vegetation you have not seen before or in larger quantities than you have seen or in different location. 
  • Note how many immature loons you observe, the number adult loons, Great Blue Heron, otters, pelicans, and if you see eagles feeding on fish, for example.
  • Note anything you see that is different from other times you were on the lake.

Clean up debris that has floated in along your shoreline.  
  • Check for zebra mussels when you remove your docks, lifts and water toys. 

The article below discusses the MN DNR's treatment of the AIS called "Starry Stonewort" which was
recently discovered in Big Turtle Lake near Bemidji.  The article illustrates the importance of early

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lucas' Fishing Story

Lucas was using a leech as bait when he caught this fish while with Jeremy Anderson the morning of July 3rd.  Lucas and his cousins love to fish with Jeremy every summer when they visit their grandparents at Long Lake. - Submitted by K. Eggers

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sophia's Fishing Story

"Sophia, our granddaughter, has a smile displaying the fish she caught the morning of July 3rd with Jeremy Anderson and her cousins using leeches, somewhere on Long Lake.  Fishing is a part of her summer experience when visiting her grandparents and the rest of her family." - written by K. Eggers

Friday, August 19, 2016

August 2016 email from Arthur Howe

Breaking News on Sandpiper Pipeline

Recently there's been breaking news about the proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline.  The headline in the August 6th Park Rapids Enterprise newspaper reads, "Sandpiper pipeline future unclear as Enbridge buys into Dakota Access."
Pipeline Stockpile - photo from DL Online

This is the link to the original source of the article:

Dakota Access LLC is the company currently building the new oil pipeline to run in a straight line southeast from the North Dakota Bakken oil fields to Patoka in southern Illinois, as described here: Bakken_pipeline

This pipeline is similar in size to the proposed Sandpiper, but avoids the dog-legged route of Sandpiper and will also link into an existing pipeline to the Gulf Coast.  Its operation is expected to circumvent the need for Sandpiper.  "If (the Sandpiper) project does not move forward, it is a victory for clean water in Minnesota" said Richard Smith, president of Friends of the Headwaters.

This has, however, not altered the plans for the Line 3 replacement to carry Canadian Tar Sand crude oil through Minnesota close to Long Lake.

The status of line 3 is described well in the article in the Northwoods Press of August 3rd.  Scroll down to find the Enbridge article.  Information on the opportunity to make comments to the Department of Justice is found in the last paragraph.  Northwoods Press PDF Article on Enbridge

The comment period for the Department of Justice case concerning Line 3 is open until August 24th.  Go to and follow the instructions in the Northwoods Press article to make a comment.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Megan's Entry for the Kid's Fishing Contest

This is Megan displaying her fishing contest entry.  She caught it on Long Lake the morning of July 3rd using a leech for bait.  Megan was with Jeremy Anderson and her cousins at the time of the catch - all visiting their grandparents.  She proudly enjoyed dining on her catch at a fish fry dinner later that day.
- Submitted by K. Eggers

Friday, August 12, 2016

Kid's Fishing Contest Entry - This is Jeff

Jeff, our grandchild, was very pleased to land this one using leeches on the morning of July 3, 2016. He was with Jeremy Anderson and his cousins somewhere on Long Lake. He has liked fishing off the dock since he was very young, but this one was caught fishing from a boat. He was all smiles while he ate some of his catch later at dinner.
- Submitted by K. Eggers

Monday, August 1, 2016

LLAA's July 2016 Email from Arthur Howe

Great Blue Heron in Distress on Long Lake

A Great Blue Heron was found entangled with fishing line over the July 4th weekend.  Because the DNR office was closed for the holiday weekend, John and Joyce Hansell along with Dave Anderson got a telephone number from the boat inspector at the south entrance for a DNR officer who soon came to the rescue.  Dave Anderson, Fritz Viner, and two DNR officers were able to capture the bird and safely remove the fishing line.  The bird was released and it seemed very grateful as it circled several times before flying away.

As a follow up, both the DNR and the sheriff's office were contacted and the best thing to do if you need wildlife or other assistance is to call the sheriff's office (24/7) at 218-732-3331. The sheriff will then call the appropriate number to get a rapid response.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Both Kiosks Decorated

Thanks go to Nancy Baer and Linda Hansen, who did a terrific job of refreshing and decorating both the north and the south public accesses for Long Lake visitors!
Check out the fun flip-flops in red, white and blue!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

At Last - the 2016 Flotilla Photos!

This is a slideshow of the photos we have from this year's flotilla.  If you have photos of your own that you would like to add to this group, please email them to us.

If you are unable to see the slideshow on your device, you can view the photos by clicking on each of them individually at this link:
2016 Flotilla Photo Album

Friday, July 22, 2016

LLAA's 2016 Annual Meeting: Part Three

Board hard at work checking in members
After Darrin Hoverson's report the association continued with the annual business meeting. The complete minutes of the annual meeting will be posted on the Board Communications page when the draft is approved at the board meeting in August.

During the meeting Al Kiecker presented a demonstration of the equipment the water team uses to monitor water quality. The team checks on a regular basis over the summer months. 

Other reports were given on water quality, AIS inspections, etc.  Then nominations were held for the election of representatives from the neighborhoods.
 See our Board Members page for new officers and directors.

Door prizes were drawn at the end of the meeting.
See the full list here:  2016 Door Prize Winners

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

LLAA's 2016 Annual Meeting: Part two

Sharon with her Award
Sharon Natzel was formally recognized at the Annual Meeting this year in appreciation for her years of service to Long Lake Area Association.  She served four years as LLAA's President and has volunteered many hours of service in a variety of ways toward the good of our lake.

Crystal Waterdrop Award

Sharon's award for her commitment, dedication, and service is in the form of a crystal water drop with an etching of Long Lake.


Sharon's term limits allow her to continue to serve LLAA as Treasurer and as an Alternate for Neighborhood #3.  She is excited to work with Monika Wilkins, our new President for LLAA and the LLAA Foundation.

See the entire board here:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LLAA's 2016 Annual Meeting: Part One

Darrin Hoverson was this year's featured speaker and what he had to say was very interesting.

The LLAA Annual Meeting was well attended on June 25th.  We started out hearing from Darrin Hoverson, MN DNR Area Hydrologist.  He explained how the DNR has switched to a new system of dividing responsibilities.  The officers are now assigned according to watersheds instead of political boundaries such as counties.  We are in the Long Lake Minor Watershed and this watershed has been designated a Priority Watershed according to the latest WRAPS (Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy) report.

Darrin listed several pressures bearing on Long Lake:
  • Loss of Forest Cover
  • Run off from fertilizers 
  • Loss of shoreline habitat..(natural buffers) 
  • Irrigation wells 
According to the Hubbard County Local Water Plan our priority concerns are: AIS and the changes in both water quantity and quality for surface and ground water.

For more information follow use the following links:

Monday, July 18, 2016

First Entry for our 2016-2017 Kids Fishing Contest


Kierra, age 9, from Clear Lake, Minnesota, was fishing at the south end of Long Lake late in the afternoon when she caught her fish using a night crawler.  She caught this bass from the dock with her brothers fishing nearby.  She enjoys spending time at the family cabin on Long Lake and fishing because its “fun and challenging!”

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Join Our Fourth of July Flotilla

Our Independence Day Flotilla will be held on Monday, July 4th.  Those who wish to participate are to again gather in their decorated boats and pontoons at New Frontier Resort on the West side of the lake at 9:50 am.  Follow the North or South Leaders as the flotilla parade departs at 10am.  More Northerners are needed for participation on the North route!  We ask if possible to try to split the two groups a little more evenly.  We know family and friends are watching for you in your own neighborhoods, so it would help very much to have more people/boats participate from the north neighborhoods.  If there is inclement weather (high winds, rain, thunderstorms) at 9am on the fourth, the Flotilla is cancelled.

Participants agree to allow their boats to be photographed and published on this website.  Email your own photos to if you would like to share them.

Have a fun and happy Independence Day Weekend!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Winners of LLAA Kids Fishing Contest

Thank you to each of the six kids for participating in the Long Lake Area Association's Kids Fishing Contest held from July 1, 2015 to June 24, 2016. 

At the LLAA Annual Meeting on Saturday three kids names were drawn out of the basket containing the 6 names of the contestants.  The 3 winners are Joe, Taylor & Belle.  Each one will receive a $10 gift certificate from the Dairy Queen by mail.

We encourage everyone participate in the new contest which starts on July 1, 2016 and runs until the day before the LLAA annual meeting in 2017.

Spread the word about this friendly contest that shares the joy of fishing here on Long Lake for kids of all ages!  Check out the Kids Fishing Contest tab/page above for directions on how to submit entries for the next contest.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

LLAA Annual Meeting is Coming Up

Come and learn more about our lake!  Our annual meeting will be on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the Hubbard Community Center.  Social starts at 9:30am and the business meeting starts at 10am.  Darrin Hoverson, DNR Hydrologist, will give a presentation to help us understand what we can do to reverse the transparency trend.  We will also learn about other Long Lake topics, conduct elections, and award prizes.

The Annual Meeting is a wonderful way to see what is happening on Long Lake and to meet neighbors and friends who share the lake.

Reminder:  The kids fishing contest has been extended until Friday, June 24th.
Enjoy the summer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kid's Fishing Contest 6th Entry

Owen  was fishing in his kayak with his uncle, Shane, just off shore on the east side of the lake near Dakota Beach.  He was using leeches and a simple hook with a colored rubber worm.  It was just before sunset on May 29th when he caught this bass.

Owen loves to fish and to try to reel in the big ones!  He especially loves to fish with his dad and try to out fish him.

Entry Number Five in our Kid's Fishing Contest

Taylor is 6 years old and caught this large mouth bass using a leech while fishing with her dad, Shane.  She caught the fish on the east side of the lake near Dakota Shores Beach on Saturday, June 11th, at about 8:45am.  Taylor loves coming to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin almost every weekend to see her cousins, swim, tube, and try to catch a big one!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kids Fishing Contest Fourth Entry

Belle, who is 14 years old and from Dassel Minnesota, was fishing with her dad, Rob, on Saturday, June 4th, at about 10:00 in the morning, when she caught this nice crappie using a twisty tail for bait.  They were fishing in Sunfish Bay, one of their favorite spots.  Belle loves fishing with her dad on Long Lake.  Whenever they get the chance to come up to Grandpa and Grandma's cabin, it's a race to see who can catch the biggest fish.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Keep those pictures coming: Only 14 days left!

 Third Entry in our Kid's Fishing Contest:

 Joe is from Aurora IL.
Seven year old, Joe, was fishing with his dad and little brother, John, when he caught this fish.  He used a worm for bait.  Joe caught the fish right from their dock on the east side of the lake - Breezy Pines Drive.  He caught it on June 6th at 7:30pm.

Joe loves to spend time at the cabin fishing from the dock with his dad.  Spending time with dad fishing is the best way to spend a summer!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Kid's Fishing Contest Entry

Hailey, age 13, caught this Largemouth Bass on Long Lake about 11am on June 1st. She was vacationing with her parents, Scott and Brenda, and her two sisters, Rachel and Jessie. The family cabin is on the west side of Long Lake south of Breezy Point. The girls were fishing from their dock and used a crappie minnows for bait.

Hailey loves to fish. The family kept the bass in their live box for two days and then let it go to hopefully catch another day.

Remember you have until June 24 to get your entries into the Long Lake Area Association's Kids Fishing Contest.  For full details click on the Kid's Fishing Contest tab located above on the green menu bar.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Kids Fishing Contest Entry

The challenge has been issued and you have until June 24th (the day before LLAA's annual meeting) to enter the Kids Fishing Contest.  For information on how to enter the contest follow this link:

Which kid fishing on Long Lake can catch a bigger fish than this one caught by 12 year old Ella?  Her wonderful walleye was caught on August 3, 2015, at 3pm while fishing with her mom, dad, and younger sister on the west side of Long Lake near the old Hawkeye Haven resort area.  She caught the fish with a leech as bait.  Ella loves the challenge, the water, and the fight when fishing.

We hope more kids will discover how much fun fishing can be!

Ella and her 27 inch Walleye; caught on Long Lake.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Long Lake Area Association Spring Newsletter

For your reading enjoyment, you'll find the 
 Long Lake Area Association Spring Newsletter 
 at the following link. 

Please share this with your extended family members.  Thank you!  Happy Spring!

In the Spring Newsletter 2016, you will find these articles and much more:
    •    Water Transparency Trend Declines from 1984 to 2015
    •    LLAA Annual Meeting 6/25/15 at 9:30 AM at the Hubbard Community Center
    •    Free Watercraft Decontamination - On-Call Available NOW!!
    •    AIS Watercraft Inspection Plan
    •    A "Laundromat" at the South Access
    •    Long Lake Minor Watershed Protection Strategy
    •    Loons by Claudia
    •    LLAA Foundation Update

Monday, April 25, 2016

Loons Returning to Long Lake

The article below was written by Claudia, 9th grade granddaughter of Carol Weston of Neighborhood #3, and describes some of the behaviors of the loons that she and her family have observed.

The video of the loon pitching mud in the rain was taken on May 16, 2015 at 5:31pm by Carol Weston. This mud nest was later destroyed by a predator and the loons then moved, creating a new nest as Claudia explains in her article.  The loons produced two chicks that matured to migrate in autumn of 2015.

We are hopeful the loons will return to nest successfully in Neighborhood #3 this season and beyond!

April 3, 2016 Article by Claudia, 9th grade granddaughter of Carol Weston, Neighborhood #3

Spring has arrived, the ice is going out as I sit here watching for my friends, the loons. We watch each year as they pull mud, weeds, and sticks from the water to build their nests. We have observed that when mating time comes, they make a cooing sound like a dove. They mate on a lump of dirt and grass and then retreat to their nest to lay their eggs.

In our bay, we have never had any eggs hatch because something always gets them, such as eagles, foxes, snapping turtles, and raccoons. They raise a fuss and screech loudly when something goes after their eggs. They fooled everyone last year when they laid a second batch of eggs deep within the reeds.  We got to view 2 babies and finally can say that the population of loons is growing!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is Your Septic System Contaminating Long Lake?

LLAA's April 2016 Email from Arthur Howe

Hi folks,

Septic systems can be degraded over time by sludge build up, for example, by the use of a garbage disposal unit.  Sludge carryover can ruin the effectiveness of the drainfield.  The tank should be pumped out when the sludge becomes deep.  Also, excessive water usage can reduce the effectiveness of the drainfield.  For a full account of how to maintain an effective septic system please go to this link, from the University of Minnesota:

Let's be vigilant in maintaining our septic systems so that they don't contaminate surrounding areas.

U of M Figure 1: Typical cross section of a septic tank showing the layers of sludge, liquid, and scum. Newer tanks will have access ports for pumping. Older tanks may have a manhole cover that should be removed for pumping. Inspection ports on older tanks are not suitable for pumping.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Official Ice Out was on April 6, 2016!

This was not the earliest date for Ice Out on Long Lake, but this year took second place!  In 2010 the ice went off the lake on April 2nd for first place and in third place is 2000 with the ice going out on April 9th.

Once again our Facebook page was filled with guesses for when the ice would leave us.  This year we held a more formal contest with a gift certificate for the winner.  It was a tie! Congratulations to Barb Kersting from Neighborhood #2 and Scott Riemenschneider from Neighborhood #5.  Our Association President, Sharon Natzel, has contacted both winners about how to claim their prizes.

For more ice out data click on the Ice Data page tab above.  Or click here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It feels like Winter Again on Long Lake

The ice is nearly gone... BUT - not all of it!

There are reports of chunks of ice floating in the north bays as of this morning.  Sharon Natzel took this video of the ice beginning to move out of her bay on Sunday April 3rd.  The noise you hear on the video is mainly wind.

As you can see in this link from the DNR, 2016 Ice Out Data, the ice is completely gone on most lakes in the area, but not from Long Lake.  Zoom in to find Park Rapids.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"

Better get your guess in for when the ice will disappear from Long Lake.  Its a beautiful day here. The ice is looking dark and thinning.  Ice out is just around the corner.  

Pictures below were taken at 3 pm March 29th by CC White.. Notice the 2 eagles on the ice. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

CONTEST: When will the Ice Go Out for 2016?

We have a challenge for all residents and friends of Long Lake!


From Lou Schultz:

Ice cracks are starting to appear on the lake, the ice is getting dark, our tackle boxes are reorganized and restocked, and we all get anxious for ice-out.  The charts depicted below show the data on past years and from that we can rely that the ice-out this year will be between March 20 and May 21.  The average or mean date is April 20 and the medium or date when ice goes out most often is April 27.

So when will it go out this year?  It appears to be a stable process and the safest estimate would be April 20 but it has been a mild winter this year and looks to be an early spring. 

I have observed our ice-out date is approximately two weeks after Lake Minnetonka.  My guess is April 5.
What is your guess?
Post your guess in the comments below this post or comment on the Facebook post - or you can email   A local establishment has a $20 gift certificate for the winner for our ice out contest this year, so make sure we know who you are and how to get hold of you.

Links to ice out information: