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LLAA 2018-2019 Board of Directors & Alternates

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Executive Committee
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    Monika Wilkins

Vice Presidents
     Jaimie Beretta
     Sam Oliver

    Betty Larsen

    Sharon Natzel

Assistant Treasurer (non-voting member)
    Doug Bakken

Board of Directors

Neighborhood 1
Brian Sweeney
90340 Dakota Road,  Scottsbluff, NE 69361  
Phone: 308-672-6844 

Frederick & Margaret Rickers (Alternate)
cell phone: 402-430-2976

Fred and I have been coming to Long Lake since about 1978.  We stayed at Timberlane and our entire family loved being here.  We began staying one week, then two, then 3 and occasionally 4.   As Fred neared retirement, we began looking for and found a cabin –the first north of Timberlane Resort.  We have owned it since 2004.  Most often we stay from mid June until early October and always feel the pull to return as the winter comes to an end in Nebraska.  We feel a sadness when we leave in the Fall.  We are both are native Nebraskans.  My family came to MN for their vacation and that is were I learned to fish.   We have two children and they also love to come to Long Lake and bring their families.  We have made lifelong friends here and continue enjoy meeting and connecting with new people.  Both Fred and I love nature and enjoy the wildlife, birds and the soul-stirring scenery that the lake supplies.  Walking, reading, fishing and being with visiting family are some of our favorite memories of the lake.    We want to pass the love and respect for the environment on to our grandchildren. 

Neighborhood 2
Ron Taggart
(218) 732-4239
My wife, Margi, and I started camping on Long Lake in the 1970’s.  We loved the lake and said when we retired, we wanted it to be here on Long Lake.  We bought our property in 1989 and spent weekends and vacations here until 2003 when I retired and we moved here full time.  We had previously lived in Clarissa, Minnesota for 25 years where I was the Maintenance Manager at the Eagle Valley Schools.  We have two grown children and five grandchildren who all love spending time on this wonderful lake.

Jack Derr (Alternate)
14273 Circle Pines Dr, Park Rapids, MN 56470
Phone: 237-5006  Cell Phone: 301-471-1960

Lived in Maryland for many years and this summer moved with wife Joy on a permanent basis to home on Long Lake. We built a home here in 2006 and spent summers here and now will be here on full time basis.  In Maryland, I graduated from University of Maryland in 1963, worked as an insurance agent for Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. from 1964 to 2009.  Served as a member of Maryland State Senate from 1983 to 1999.  I have 4 grown children and 15 grandchildren.
My connection to Long Lake - been coming here since 1964 with Joy and her family to enjoy the cabin her father built in 1961.  I have become actively involved with Hubbard United Methodist Church and Wellspring, Park Rapids.

Neighborhood 3
Jim Blodgett Email:
Cell Phone: 651-395-9317

My wife, Linda, and I bought our cabin in 2001. Being on the neck of Blueberry Point, it allows us the double pleasures of enjoying a shoreline on the main lake fine for swimming and boating and a shoreline on a sheltered bay with all the wildlife that its shallow, lily-and-weed-clogged water attracts.   Our visits from our home in Indiana were brief in the summer and even briefer over the winter holidays until we retired in 2008.  Although our official residence is now in the Cities, we spend much of spring, summer and fall up here. I have especially enjoyed regular participation in searches for AIS, even with the frustration of knowing I will go to my grave jumbling all the pond-weeds up into one monster pond-weed.                       

Sharon Natzel   (Alternate)
13623 County 20, Park Rapids, MN 56470
Phone: 732-5749  Cell Phone: 763-355-7908

"My Long Lake connection began at age 8 when my family bought a lot on Crystal Beach so we could begin experiencing what tourists traveled far to see in our Park Rapids vacation land.  Long Lake summers as a kid were filled with water adventures like skiing, swimming, fishing, bouncing on inner tubes, plus catching and releasing frogs in races between all of us “Lais Girls” and the neighborhood kids.  I met my husband, Bob, at “the lake” as his family was just two doors down at the brown boathouse.  Racing activities have been replaced with cruising in the green boat, observing loons, eagles and herons, plus an occasional pelican in the late summer.  I notice sunrises and sunsets, appreciating nature and the seasonal cycles even more.  We’ve expanded our use of this lake we love with winter sports, too."

Neighborhood 4
Pam Petersen
13318 Beach Haven Rd. Park Rapids, MN 56470
3123 Northfield Court, Davis, CA 95616.
Cell phone 530-848-7357.

I am 53 and a native of Des Moines. My grandparents were Coyne and Ella Oldham, long time Pine Haven Beach summer residents. My first Long Lake trip was at 9 months of age and I have only missed two summers since. My husband and I bought the Kaiser cabin in Fall of 2011, just 3 doors down from the original Oldham cabin. I am a retired pediatrician and live in Davis, California.

Mary Leadbetter (Alternate)
Phone: 218-732-8943

My husband and I have lived on Long Lake since 1993.  My two children both graduated from Park Rapids High School and we have always been involved in the community.   I have been interested in the health of our area lakes and Long Lake in particular as well as the general environmental health of the area and wildlife.  I am very concerned about all the different types of pollution that challenge the natural beauty of the lakes area.  I am please to join the board as an alternate and hope to become more active in addressing these challenges. 

Neighborhood 5
Carolynne C White (CC)
14388 Chippewa Loop, Park Rapids, MN
Phone: 218 732 9819

My grandparents came to Long Lake to live in 1929 and I have lived here on the lake every summer of my life except for maybe 5. When I retired from teaching in 2009, I moved home full time.   We have a tree farm that is now part of the Minnesota Land Trust. This means the land will be managed as a tree farm and not be developed even in the future.  My family has always felt a deep connection and responsibility to the land and to Long Lake.  Proud to be representing neighborhood 5.

Kari Richards (Alternate)
Cell Phone: 507-585-0088

My parents, Dean and Ardis Christen, came to Long Lake in 1961 to visit some co-workers and friends from Austin, MN:  Dick and Evelyn White, LoVern and Marian Nauss, and Lee and Beverly Bedsted. They all talked about this place they loved ... And so the decision was made to "swing by" and visit these friends on the way home from grad school in Fort Collins, CO. Thankfully, they didn't have Google maps, so maybe they didn't realize how far out of the way Long Lake was.

The family cabin was built in 1962 and that is where we spent every summer. My sister and I are now cabin owners. Having grown up here, I'm very attached to Long Lake and interested in its future.


Neighborhood 6
Monika Wilkins 
Phone:  218 732 3821

Betty Larsen  (Alternate)
17166 Dream Catcher Dr, Park Rapids, MN 56470
Cell Phone: 701-741-4533

We bought our Long Lake property in about 2004 as a vacation home, and now are blessed to live here full time.  I am a retired physician assistant, and my husband Mark is a retired financial adviser. We enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, bicycling, and XC snow skiing.  We have two grown children; Anna, who lives in Boise, Idaho, and Brian, who lives in Grand Forks with his wife Lisa & son Jonathan.

At Large Board Members

Jaimie Beretta
36401 Co. Rd. 13, Melrose, MN 56352
Cell phone: 320-250-7448  Lake phone: 237-9400

My husband and I purchased our Long Lake property in 2009.  Prior to that we had a small cabin on nearby Duck Lake. When we realized that we had outgrown our small lake cabin we decided to look at properties on Long Lake because of its excellent fishing.  Our oldest son is an avid fisherman and has fished with his grandparents on Long Lake since he was 4.  We enjoy spending as much time as we can at the lake kayaking, boating, fishing, biking and spending time with my parents who live nearby.  One of my goals of being an association board member is getting to know the people who share an interest in our lake.  I also hope to work to help keep our lake water clean and AIS free.

Sam Oliver
480 Eton Dr., Barrington, IL 60010
Lake phone: 732-5755  Cell phone: 847-452-6548  Phone: 847-381-4595

Our family’s cabin is Lookout Point, 14114 Chippewa Loop.  We are a branch of the Hansell Family Tree.  Friends and extended family started arriving in the 1880’s, and my family came to Long Lake in 1947.  I am the Director of Citizens for Conservation in the greater Barrington, Illinois area and a member of the management committee of the Flint/Spring Creek Watersheds Partnership  I serve on land trust coalitions and in my work am involved with environmental issues including invasive species, water quality, and the use of native plants.  Our family includes four children and six grandchildren who enjoy Long Lake where my concerns as a member of the board are invasive species, water quality and the engagement of the next generation in these issues.

Assistant Treasurer: 
Doug Bakken
13315 Breezy Pines Dr., Park Rapids, MN 56470
Phone: 732-3883  Cell Phone: 218-779-4074

My wife Mary and I acquired our home on Long Lake in 2001 and moved here full time from Grand Forks, ND in the summer of 2008. I retired from practice as a CPA in Grand Forks in 2005. Mary and I have a son living in Minneapolis and a son living in Fargo. They and their families, including five grandchildren, are regular visitors to Long Lake.