Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lucas' Fishing Story

Lucas was using a leech as bait when he caught this fish while with Jeremy Anderson the morning of July 3rd.  Lucas and his cousins love to fish with Jeremy every summer when they visit their grandparents at Long Lake. - Submitted by K. Eggers

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sophia's Fishing Story

"Sophia, our granddaughter, has a smile displaying the fish she caught the morning of July 3rd with Jeremy Anderson and her cousins using leeches, somewhere on Long Lake.  Fishing is a part of her summer experience when visiting her grandparents and the rest of her family." - written by K. Eggers

Friday, August 19, 2016

August 2016 email from Arthur Howe

Breaking News on Sandpiper Pipeline

Recently there's been breaking news about the proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline.  The headline in the August 6th Park Rapids Enterprise newspaper reads, "Sandpiper pipeline future unclear as Enbridge buys into Dakota Access."
Pipeline Stockpile - photo from DL Online

This is the link to the original source of the article:

Dakota Access LLC is the company currently building the new oil pipeline to run in a straight line southeast from the North Dakota Bakken oil fields to Patoka in southern Illinois, as described here: Bakken_pipeline

This pipeline is similar in size to the proposed Sandpiper, but avoids the dog-legged route of Sandpiper and will also link into an existing pipeline to the Gulf Coast.  Its operation is expected to circumvent the need for Sandpiper.  "If (the Sandpiper) project does not move forward, it is a victory for clean water in Minnesota" said Richard Smith, president of Friends of the Headwaters.

This has, however, not altered the plans for the Line 3 replacement to carry Canadian Tar Sand crude oil through Minnesota close to Long Lake.

The status of line 3 is described well in the article in the Northwoods Press of August 3rd.  Scroll down to find the Enbridge article.  Information on the opportunity to make comments to the Department of Justice is found in the last paragraph.  Northwoods Press PDF Article on Enbridge

The comment period for the Department of Justice case concerning Line 3 is open until August 24th.  Go to and follow the instructions in the Northwoods Press article to make a comment.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Megan's Entry for the Kid's Fishing Contest

This is Megan displaying her fishing contest entry.  She caught it on Long Lake the morning of July 3rd using a leech for bait.  Megan was with Jeremy Anderson and her cousins at the time of the catch - all visiting their grandparents.  She proudly enjoyed dining on her catch at a fish fry dinner later that day.
- Submitted by K. Eggers

Friday, August 12, 2016

Kid's Fishing Contest Entry - This is Jeff

Jeff, our grandchild, was very pleased to land this one using leeches on the morning of July 3, 2016. He was with Jeremy Anderson and his cousins somewhere on Long Lake. He has liked fishing off the dock since he was very young, but this one was caught fishing from a boat. He was all smiles while he ate some of his catch later at dinner.
- Submitted by K. Eggers

Monday, August 1, 2016

LLAA's July 2016 Email from Arthur Howe

Great Blue Heron in Distress on Long Lake

A Great Blue Heron was found entangled with fishing line over the July 4th weekend.  Because the DNR office was closed for the holiday weekend, John and Joyce Hansell along with Dave Anderson got a telephone number from the boat inspector at the south entrance for a DNR officer who soon came to the rescue.  Dave Anderson, Fritz Viner, and two DNR officers were able to capture the bird and safely remove the fishing line.  The bird was released and it seemed very grateful as it circled several times before flying away.

As a follow up, both the DNR and the sheriff's office were contacted and the best thing to do if you need wildlife or other assistance is to call the sheriff's office (24/7) at 218-732-3331. The sheriff will then call the appropriate number to get a rapid response.