Saturday, December 9, 2023

LLAA Foundation sends a "thank you" to donors

picture by Sharon Natzel of perch stocking at the north access (video link below)

December is upon us and we find everyone busy with holiday celebrations and
activities. The Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Foundation would
like to take this time to thank everyone for their generous donations.The
donations received help to preserve and protect Long Lake in many different

We are happy that we are able to continue and support additional watercraft
inspection hours at our public accesses for the summer of 2024. This past fall we
utilized funds for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) mitigation efforts when Starry
Stonewort (SSW) was discovered. Abatement plans for SSW and any other AIS
that may be discovered in our lake will be an on-going project and will require a
reserve of money to allow us a swift action plan as things arise.

This year our Fisheries Committee is working with the MN DNR on supplemental
stocking of walleye on the lake. We have been approved to stock 240 lbs of
walleye fingerlings in Fall of 2024. This amount is in addition to the current DNR
stocking plan. Programs like these are also funded by donations to the LLAA
Foundation. Here is a link to the Fish Management page on our website.

In the fall the LLAA Foundation in collaboration with Hubbard Township applied
for and was awarded a grant for a CD3 unit which is in place at the south access.
Our responsibility is to cover the annual costs associated with the upkeep and
running of the unit. The Fall newsletter on our website has more information on this recent endeavor and we are excited to see its implementation next summer.

While we have reached our present fundraising goal, the new projects and
responsibilities taken on by the LLAA Foundation requires us to constantly
evaluate our financial needs. Making a donation to the Foundation at any time
during the year is very much appreciated!  Here’s how: