Long Lake History

Nora Stanford Spring 1996

According to the Long Lake map first printed in the early 1930s, " Long Lake was formed by the drip from Paul Bunyan's water barrel."

The legend continues to say, "Originally it consisted of five principle parts connected by a narrow necks of water. In 1885 Joseph Delaney built a mill dam 100 rods south of the southern outlet which gave the lake its present shape. The dam washed out after one day of operation and was rebuilt that winter. The flooded land was appraised at 3 cents per acre.

The timber was logged from the lake shores in 1882-1883. A tornado struck Pine Haven Area in 1885 and carried three feet of water over the ridge into the slue beyond. A fire burned this side clean in the late 1880s."  

This page is dedicated to the gathering and sharing our family stories of Long Lake.   Below are links to stories, documents and other items from Association Members and friends.

Stories and memories that cover general information

Memories from 1920s through the 1940s

           Tom's blog has many samples of the brochures that he is collecting about Park
           Rapids from Fuller's Tackle Shop to Hamilton's Island.  Explore the different
           entries, you may find something familiar. Tom Rice is a grandson from the Stover
           cabin on Chippewa Loop.

Minutes from Pine Haven Lake Shore Property Owners Association: 1950s through 1960s

Following are links to copies of the Minutes of the Pine Haven Lake Shore Property Owners Association (PHA) mainly having lots on the west side of the lake. The group was active in the 1950s through the 1960s with many of the same goals as LLAA.
    •    PHA minutes, 1957 (minutes from meeting in Des Moines, IA)
    •    PHA minutes, 1959 (minutes talking about poor fishing)
    •    PHA minutes, 1960 (South Access Stocking Aug. 1960)
    •    PHA minutes, 1962

Memories from 1950s through the 1970s

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