Shoreland Ordinance

Before you do anything to change your property, check with the Hubbard County Environmental Services.  Their staff will be very helpful in explaining the Shoreland Ordinance in relationship to your project.

As property owners in Hubbard County, we often have questions and concerns about what changes and improvements we can make to our property.  What are the rules?  Who is in charge?  Do we need permits?  Who issues them?  Often these questions also come up when our neighbors are making changes on their properties.  Our lake association is not directly involved in decisions on land use along Long Lake, but we all have a deep interest in protecting the lake.  This page is intended to help property owners understand and navigate the procedures and rules involving Environmental Services, Hubbard County Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Shoreland Ordinance.

The Hubbard County Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment (see the members of the Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment by clicking on "committee assignments" of this page.)  usually holds it's regular meetings and public hearings on the fourth Monday of the month at the Hubbard County Government Center in County Board room #324. (Check their calendar for exact dates.)
Applications maybe viewed on the Environmental Services webpage:

Hubbard County Department of Environmental Services

Once on the page, Click on the Planning and Adjustment link in the Links column (on the left), that opens the Document Center page where you can click on the current year. Next click on the hyperlink for the month's agenda document.  Individual agenda items and applications can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlinks with the agenda.

Screenshot of the Index Page:

Screenshot of the opened 2018 link:

Direct link: Hubbard County Document Center

Public comment on agenda items may be made orally during the hearing/meeting or in writing.  Written comments/materials on agenda items must be submitted by 3:30pm on the Wednesday before the Monday meeting to:

Hubbard County Environmental Services
301 Court Avenue
Park Rapids, MN 56470

Please include your (the submitter's) complete name and address of residence.

Onsite property review will occur on Thursdays before the Monday meeting. Check the calendar for the exact dates and times.  All agenda items are also published in the official Hubbard County paper of record, "The Park Rapids Enterprise," which is published every Wednesday and Saturday.

If you have any questions about the procedures and how to find information etc. please call or visit the Environmental Services on the 2nd floor of the Hubbard County Courthouse.  The staff is very helpful.  (See direct links below)

    The following information will let you know what you can expect when you attend one of the meetings.    

Hubbard County Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment  Meeting Procedures:

All persons in attendance at Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment (PC/BOA) meetings are expected to comply with the following meeting procedure.  Thank you in advance for helping make this a manageable meeting.  Copies of agenda item materials are available for public viewing on the table located at the back of the meeting room.  These materials are not to leave the table so that others in attendance may also view them.

Please turn phones to “vibrate”/off during the meeting and conduct any sidebar conversations outside of the meeting room.  Interruption or other interference with the orderly conduct of the PC/BOA meeting will not be allowed.  Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order.  Disruptive persons will be removed from the meeting.  The Chair may terminate a speaker’s privilege of address if, after being called to order, the speaker persists in improper conduct or remarks.

Written material concerning agenda items must be submitted to the Environmental Services Department by 3:30 p.m. on the Wednesday immediately prior to the meeting date.  Written materials will not be accepted after this deadline or at the meeting because the PC/BOA will not have sufficient time to review them prior to the meeting.  Such material must state
the agenda item for which it is being submitted and the name and address of the submitting party.

Planning Commission business is conducted first and followed by Board of Adjustment business.


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