Friday, March 24, 2017

DNR Needs Our Help to Maintain Services for Our Lakes

At the HC COLA meeting held the evening of March 23rd, Doug Kingsley, MN DNR Area Fisheries Supervisor, spoke about the need for the proposed increase in hunting and fishing license fees.

The DNR's request for a license fee increase is part of the governor's budget.  Become informed about what is at stake for our lakes - and let your representative know how you feel about the proposed license increase ..

The proposal should keep the Game Fish Fund solvent until 2021. The last time there was an increase only half of it was approved so the Fund is running out of money. These programs which include research, enforcing, and managing fish and wild life are meant to be funded through these fees not from other sources.

Please use this link to learn more about the proposal yourself.  You can even learn about the current resources right here in our local area!  Please get the word out to your lake association members to inform them about this important opportunity.  Consider speaking to your legislators regarding your own viewpoint.  Find your legislators here:

It is an important part of the economy in our area and one in which we, as citizens, can have our say.

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