Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ice Out Guesses

Statement from Lou Schultz:

"The data shows that the mean (or average) ice out date for Long Lake is April 20 with normal variation extending from March 20 to May 20.  Only three years out of a thousand could it fall outside those dates.  The exceptions, due to special causes outside the system, could be from global warming, earthquakes, a satellite controlled mirror reflecting the sunlight down on a GPS coordinate of our lake, forest fire around the lake, etc.  All we can say with some assurance is that the ice will go out on Long Lake between March 20 and May 20.  In between there is anyone’s guess."
Click here to see charts and graphs of all collected data

So what is your guess?  Join in this yearly guessing game:  Email us at with your guess as to when you think Long Lake will be completely free of ice. The definition of Ice Out on Long Lake is when there is no ice anywhere on the lake.

Everyone that enters the contest will have their name put into a "hat" for a drawing.  The prize will be a quilt, donated by Monika Wilkins, LLAA President. (Photo below)

The person who guesses the actual date of ice out or comes the closest, will win fame and bragging rights on Facebook and the website until next Spring.

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