Monday, December 29, 2014

Public Comment on Sandpiper Pipeline (near Long Lake) Sought by PUC

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has just announced public hearings on whether there is a NEED for the first of the proposed oil pipelines, called Sandpiper (black line in map).  Members of the public can ask questions and comment at hearings scheduled for the week Jan 5-9, to be held in St Paul, Duluth, Bemidji, Crookston, and St. Cloud.  The PUC has the final say on this matter.

Comments can also be made on-line from December 8th through January 23rd here: or (if unobtainable) go to and scroll way down to “North Dakota Pipeline Co”.

The Department of Commerce is also preparing an environmental analysis which may be issued in December.  So far there has been much evidence presented on how an oil leak could permeate through the aquifer to contaminate agricultural and private wells, shown in the map below.  Read the recent article in the Detroit Lakes Newspapers and reprinted in the Park Rapids Enterprise:  HubbardCOLAmn.org_article_park_rapids_enterprise_10-8-2014  and see and

Friends of the Headwaters (FOH) is now represented by the legal team at the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA).  The Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations agrees with FOH on the importance of relocating the Sandpiper Pipeline Route away from our lake country's natural resources.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ice Conditions

Each year, those of us that stay at the lake for the winter, watch and wait to declare the specific date that Long Lake is completely frozen over. As you know we still cannot declare ice in since the lake was only frozen over about three days starting December 5th. Because of the variations in temperatures and rain instead of snow during December, the deep areas of the lake opened up again.
The Park Rapids Enterprise is warning everyone with headlines such as "Water Gaps Developing on Area Lakes; Use Caution" and it mentioned Long Lake specifically in the short article.
The DNR is also posting warnings and safety guides to being on the ice:

Then we take a look at the 10 day weather forecast from

The temperatures are dropping from Christmas Day on.  So we may get a completely frozen lake by Tuesday.
BE CAREFUL when planning your holiday lake fun.  

Reminders:  Long Lake Area Association is sponsoring a Kids Fishing Contest from now until the annual meeting.  For more details check out this link:

Also check out the new blog entry on The Long Lake Foundation website: (read about the generosity of our many Secret Santas)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

LLAA's December Email from Arthur Howe

Second Oil Pipeline Sought near Long Lake

Approval for a second oil pipeline near Long Lake is being sought.  This would carry tar sands from Alberta, Canada (top map) and continue in the US (bottom map) near Park Rapids.  It is known as Line 3 Replacement.  This second pipeline would run alongside the proposed Sandpiper line intended for North Dakota oil.  Canadian tar sands have been pumped by the applicant company, Enbridge, for many years but in 2010 large quantities of Canadian tar sands were spilled from a ruptured Enbridge pipe near Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Source: Enbridge:

On the map above are the dates when Enbridge Energy Partners are holding open houses.  Wednesday, December 10th, at the American Legion in Park Rapids.

Be sure to check out the following links for more information on this proposed pipeline:

Monday, December 1, 2014

Important December Dates for Long Lakers

Four Very Important Opportunities in December for Building our Knowledge to Enable us to Share and Protect our Long Lake Waters…  Plus Zorbaz, Saturday, 12/6 at 6 PM!

1)  Tuesday, Dec 2nd, 6:30 to 8 PM - Educational Water Program on our Local Hydrology at Northwoods Bank Community Room, Park Rapids, MN

  • The Park Rapids Lakes Area has earned a reputation based on our extraordinary clean waters.  These waters provide the base for our tourism and agriculture industries. In 2013 we hosted the Governor's Fishing Opener.  In 2014, the MN Department of Natural Resources developed the Straight River Pilot Groundwater Management Area (GWMAs ) planning project with the purpose to learn how to effectively create and establish GWMAs in other places facing groundwater management challenges.  Park Rapids League of Women Voters (LWVPR) will devote several educational programs related to the surface and groundwater of the region this year.
  • Darrin Hoverson, MN DNR Area Hydrologist-Ecological and Water Resources, will be the speaker for the first foundational program. This foundation program is Tuesday, December 2, from 6:30 to 8 PM at the Northwoods Bank Community Room (handicap accessible).  Darrin will share the uniqueness of our local hydrology.  This will give us all a better understanding of the permeability of the soils, the availability of the waters and special challenges.  He will also illustrate the replenishment cycle and how we affect the cycle. Building our knowledge can help us better plan to share and protect our waters from the groundwater to the surface waters.  We invite and encourage all to come to this free program. Light refreshments will be served.

2)  Wednesday, Dec 10th, 10 AM to 1 PM,  Open House for Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline Replacement Project at the American Legion, Park Rapids, MN

  • This Line 3 Pipeline Replacement Project is proposed to go 25 feet from the Sandpiper Pipeline in the Pipeline Corridor proposed through Hubbard County to Superior, WI.  A Sandpiper route alternative RA-15 proposed by MPCA due to Twin Lakes area constraints  comes about ½ mile from west side of Long Lake by 87 & a leak could threaten our groundwater & aquifer.  Comment Period expected to be announced in mid-December yet on Sandpiper Certificate of Need 13-473 & the Hearings scheduled for 1/5-9/15.

3) Thursday, Dec 18, 9 AM to Noon, DNR Straight River Pilot Groundwater Management Area (GWMA) Planning Project Open for the Public – Long Lake is in this area.  To be held at the Park Rapids Library, Lower Level Conference Room (handicap accessible).

4) OPEN NOW for Public Comment until Thursday, 12/11/14 at 4:30 PM – MPCA Watershed Restoration And Protection Strategy document for the Crow Wing Watershed which Long Lake is in.
Comments submitted to:  Bonnie Finnerty 218-316-3897 for questions.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LLAA's November 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

Photo by Marilyn Gainzband

What grand fish dinners Long Lake provides this loon family and our fishing community!

Photo by Marilyn Gaizband

See more Long Lake photos by Marilyn Gaizband:

Doug Kingsley, DNR Area Fisheries Manager (Park Rapids), has provided us with the preliminary results of the 2014 Fisheries Survey of Long Lake conducted on July 7-16, 2014.
・ Compared to 5 years ago the number of walleye, northern pike, and bass are stable.
・The sizes of northern pike and bass have increased slightly while the size of walleye is stable.
・There are more crappie and bluegill with crappie exhibiting smaller sizes.
View the report at:  LongLakeLiving.org_Lake Management

9 pound 9 ounce, 30 inch walleye
caught by Neil H. Stock on 7/4/13
Member Photo

Monday, October 6, 2014

Loon Migration

With the following link we refer you back to our 2011 blog post about an ongoing study of loon migration.  The links in the article take you to current information including the tracking of this year's (2014) loons.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Colors Near Peak

Morning, 09/25/07

The leaves in our area are nearing the peak of fall color for this year.  Following are links from the MN DNR to the state's "Fall Color Finder" map and a current fall color report for Itasca State Park:

Minnesota DNR Fall Color Finder
Fall Color Detail - Itasca State Park

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beautiful Sights on Long Lake

Loon Family near Elizabeth Bruening's.
Photo by Marilyn Gaizband
Here on Long Lake, near the end of Crooked Pine Drive, there is a haven for wildlife; a natural shoreline of reeds and water lilies.  Also in this area is a ten foot buffer zone of native plants between Elizabeth Bruening’s lawn and the lake.
The combination provides all the ingredients for a wonderful life, including shelter for homes, safe access to food and water, and a relatively safe recreation space.  The wildlife does, however, keep watchful eyes on the sky for the bald eagles!

Elizabeth's friend, Marilyn Gaizband (a professional photographer), came to visit her in July of this year.  Marilyn especially enjoyed the wildlife photo opportunities from Elizabeth's dock and she has graciously shared her photographs with "Long Lake Living" for all of us to enjoy.

In the slideshow below you will see two loon chicks with their parents that hatched in the nearby reeds. You will also see a muskrat family in their summer home beneath the hollow under a birch clump.  The Great Blue Heron likely raised its young in the heron rookery nearby at Dogwood and 164th.  Neighbor, Al Kiecker, gets in some early fishing as the fog lifts.  Elizabeth is a great role model for us all, keeping a natural shoreline that helps provide important wildlife habitat for the creatures who are part of our "up north" experience.
[Must have Flash installed to view this and our other slideshows.]
Some phones and tablets do not support Flash.  This is a link to the photos in this slideshow for those without Flash:  LongLakeLiving.org_Picasa Web Album_MG/EB

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Osprey and Loon Report

Good News for the Osprey Family that Nests on Hwy. 34 and North End of Long Lake

According to the Northwoods Press article by Carrie Hitchcock about our Osprey Family, next year their home base will be even broader than the narrow beam on the power pole (located at the north end of Long Lake and Hwy. 34) that they call home this summer.

(click on the article to enlarge)

Long Lake Loons

The Aquatic Vegetation Monitoring Team spotted 9 loons on the lake Wednesday, July 30th, during their morning sampling expedition. There were six adults and three chicks.  It takes a community to raise a family and that goes for loons too!  Lets all be very careful to stay clear of the loon families so the chicks are not disturbed!

Thanks to Sharon Natzel and Northwoods Press for the information in this post.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Magazine Article Featuring LLAA Survey Results

In the spring of 2013, at the request of the Hubbard County, Minnesota, Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA), a master’s capstone class at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs undertook a project to analyze the sustainability of both the COLA and it's individual lake associations.  Many residents of Long Lake participated in the survey for this project.

The results have been published in an article titled, "Analyzing and Improving the Sustainability of Lake Associations" by Jennifer Okajima, Jana McGee, Burnell C. Fischer, and James R. Farmer.  The Capstone Article was published in LakeLine Magazine's 2014 Summer Issue with facts and graphs utilizing the data from the survey answers of our own Long Lake residents.  LakeLine Magazine is published by the North American Lake Management Association.  To read the article click on this link:  Analyzing and Improving the Sustainability of Lake Associations_pdf

Dan Kittilson, COLA president, extended his thanks:
  “Kudos to Burney Fischer and his Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Capstone Masters Class for their successful accomplishments with their Capstone course and subsequent article that has been published in the LakeLine Magazine."

LLAA July 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

Yellow/Brown Crowns on your Pine Trees around Long Lake?

Wondering what is causing the yellow to reddish brown patches in the upper crown of your Red Pines, also known as Norway Pines? One of our members in Neighborhood #5 discovered this was caused by the pine bark beetle, a native MN beetle.  More than  60 trees had to be removed, from 3 properties.

The DNR Park Rapids Area Forestry was his first point of contact when he noticed reddish brown discoloration of the needles and a large amount of pine pitch on the bark of some trees.  A DNR consultant forester did further analysis with the landowner.  Then a tree service was engaged to remove the trees and safely dispose of them according to DNR guidelines, so as to not infect other pine trees:

Pine Bark Beetle
We encourage you to examine your Red/Norway Pine canopy for stressed or dying Red/Norway Pine trees. If you find discolored foliage in the crown, which is often the first noticed indication of a bark beetle attack, please consult with the DNR Park Rapids Area Forestry, 607 1st Street West, Park Rapids, MN 56470, 732-3309.

For an historical study of pine bark beetles, including examples of the devastation caused in Colorado, visit:  Bark Beetle Blues

Should the weather pattern of drought conditions like the summers of 2012 and 2013 begin again, the DNR Forestry suggests using a soaker hose in the drip area of these trees, so that one inch of water would be received on a weekly basis by the tree.  Watering helps keep the trees healthy, less stressed and better able to resist the pine bark beetle.  [MN DNR Pine Bark Beetles Brochure.pdf.]  Fortunately, there has been adequate rainfall so far this summer.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Link to Order Trees for 2015

Take a look at our "Shore Management" page.  (Tab above.)  We have posted a new link to the Hubbard County COLA's "Restore the Shore" page.  That is where you will find the information and order forms you need to order trees and shrubs to plant in 2015.

If you have any questions contact Sharon Natzel:
218-732-5749 or email

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our 2014 Flotilla

The weather cooperated for our annual 4th of July Flotilla with the wind holding off just enough to allow the boats to slowly make their way around the lake.  Docks were filled with people watching the parade of boats which were decked out with flags, bunting, streamers and people wearing their red, white and blue.

The decorated boats and pontoons met in front of Frontier Resort with one group going north and another heading south.  Sharon Natzel took a few pictures as the boats gathered but ended up being the leader of the south group as their lead pontoon experienced battery problems.  More pictures were taken by CC White and Linda Kooyer from their docks.  If anyone else took pictures of the boats that went around the north half of the lake and would like to share them, please email them to us.  Click here and attach your photos.  We will add your pictures to the slide show below.  The flotilla is great fun.  Thank you to all our participants this year and let’s try to get even more boats out for next year.

Some phones and tablets do not support Flash.  This is a link to the photos in this slideshow for those without Flash:  LongLakeLiving.org_Picasa Web Album _2014 Flotilla

Pictures and Door Prize Winners from Annual Meeting

The Association had a good turnout for this year's meeting.  Barb Roberts counted 67 people attending, although people came and went according to their schedules.  Neighborhood representatives collected $1350 in dues, including two new members and two returning members.

There were also three checks written to the LLAA Foundation to help in the fight against AIS.  During Jeff Borkman's talk he reminded us that Long Lake has a unique position in this fight.  We are one of the few lakes without a river running into it and we have a dam to keep things from coming up the Long Lake River.  If we are vigilant about keeping boats and equipment clean, we can keep AIS out of our Lake.  Click here to view door prize winners 

Slideshow of pictures taken during the meeting.

Some phones and tablets do not support Flash.  This is a link to the photos in this slideshow for those without Flash:  LongLakeLiving.org_Picasa Web Album_2014 Annual Meeting

Saturday, July 5, 2014

MLR Legacy Webinar on Cabin Trusts: announced at Annual Meeting

Don’t miss this FREE presentation!
Wednesday, July 9
1:00 – 2:30 pm (central time)
Watch this Live Webinar from
your computer!

Dear Friend,
If your lake place is the center of your family, the gathering place, the spot where friends and extended family gather to create life-long memories, then you cannot afford to miss this seminar.  Our places are heirlooms, not assets.  But moving a place from one generation to the next can be difficult. Recent changes to the Minnesota gift tax will require further planning. Now you and your heirs can establish a future for the family place that has been so important.

Find Out What Can Happen Without a Cabin Trust or Cabin LLC…
  •      Disputes arise over who should pay the taxes, insurance and maintenance
  •      Interests pass to unintended heirs
  •      Interests in the cabin may go through multiple probates
  •      Unexpected loss of step-up in basis

  •      Disputes over who gets to use the property and when they get to use it
  •      Too many common owners with too many different interests and financial
          situations to be workable
Find Out What Can Happen With a Cabin Trust or Cabin LLC
  • Avoid disputes and bring family together for generations to come
  • Reduce estate and gift taxes and avoid multiple probates
  • Can be stand-alone or added to your existing will or living trust
  • Provide a cash endowment to fund taxes, insurance, maintenance, even a new boat
  • Create an orderly schedule of use, rules regarding guests and expense sharing agreements
  • Plan for cross purchases between siblings and other heirs

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Flotilla Information

The Long Lake Flotilla is Friday, July 4th.  Come, join the parade of boats!

Gather at 9:50AM in front of New Frontier Resort on the west side of Long Lake and depart at 10AM in two groups.  Follow the leader with your Route Sign – one goes north and one south.  Decorate and show us your patriotic spirit!

If there is inclement weather (high winds, rain, thunder storms) at 9AM on that day, the Flotilla will be cancelled.

Pictures will be taken and placed on the LLAA website,   Participants agree to allow boats to be photographed and published on this website.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Second LLAA June 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

Invite Your Long Lake Neighbors

Why not invite your 2 neighbors to an enjoyable and informative morning, Saturday, June 28th, at the Long Lake Area Association's Annual Meeting?  Non-members of LLAA are especially welcome!  The Annual Meeting is at the Hubbard Community Center in Hubbard.

Decorated Pontoon
Annual 4th of July Flotilla
  • Learn about the Straight River Trout Fishery, groundwater sustainability, nitrates and the MN DNR's "Straight River Pilot Groundwater Management Area" which includes Long Lake.  Our guest speaker is Doug Kingsley, MN DNR Fisheries Area Manager.
  • Hear about the latest developments in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species from Jeff Bjorkman, Hubbard County AIS Task Force and LLAA member.
  • See the upcoming event schedule including July 4th Celebrations.
9:30 AM - Enjoy refreshments, discuss Long Lake Fish Surveys with Doug, view area logging history displays, compare native aquatic vegetation to AIS models, register.
10:00 AM -  Meeting, speakers, neighborhood elections for sections 1, 3 and 5, door prizes, adjourn before Noon.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Loon Chicks Soon

Screen Shot - MNBound Live Loon Cam
The loon eggs in the nest seen on the Minnesota Bound Live Loon Cam will hatch soon according to the Loon Blog written by Larry Backlund.  Could it be today?  The predicted arrival for the two chicks is anytime now through June 11th.

Here is an excerpt from this morning’s entry (June 7, 2014) on Larry’s Loon Blog:
Watch for twitches or flinches from the loon on the nest which might be indicators that something is happening under him.  That a chick is working mightily to break itself free from the egg shell that is keeping him from his appearance to the world.

That will be one of your first indicators that the hatch may be underway.

It often can take up to 24 hours for a chick to fully break free from the egg.
 Minnesota Bound Live Loon Cam
 Larry’s Loon Blog

Friday, May 23, 2014

On This Memorial Day

Take Time to Remember

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
~ From a headstone in Ireland

"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! "
~ Maya Angelou

“Falling” by Marcboult

Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Newsletter & List of Events

Find fun and educational events in our latest newsletter just posted on our Board Communications page.

This is the direct link to the newsletter:
Newsletter Spring 2014

Please Note!
The final spring update information session on the Sandpiper Pipeline Route will be held at the Northwoods Bank Community Room on Tuesday, 5/20/14, 7pm.

The LLAA Board of Directors requested the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) extend the comment period so our seasonal residents would have a chance to learn more about the Pipeline.  The planned preferred route comes close to Long Lake and many other Hubbard County lakes and rivers.  Pipelines can be in place for 50 years.  This session is sponsored by Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations:  Hubbard County COLA sandpiper-pipeline html.  The PUC comment period on the Sandpiper Pipeline Route ends Friday 5/30/14 at 4:30pm.

Friday, May 9, 2014

New "Fish Minnesota" Website

9 pound 9 ounce 30 inch Walleye
caught by Neil H. Stock on 7/4/13

Tonight at midnight the Minnesota fishing season opens and getting answers to fishing questions has never been easier.
The new Fish Minnesota website from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources,, offers simplified information about fishing regulations, lakes and more.  Anglers can find what they need to know to go fishing whether for the first time or the thousandth.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No Hubbard Pump Station Due To 30 Inch Pipeline

We have learned from Christine Davis, Enbridge's Community Relations Consultant_U.S. Public Affairs, that a Hubbard, MN pump station is no longer part of the Sandpiper Pipeline application currently being reviewed by the MN Public Utilities Commission (PUC).  In an email from Christine [4/25/14] she explained that between the June, 2013 draft plan proposal to the MN PUC which showed the Hubbard Pump Station and the final project application in November of 2013, Enbridge increased the diameter of the Clearbrook to Superior portion of the pipeline from 24 inches to 30 inches.  Because there is less resistance with the larger pipe, less pumping power is required to move the oil.  Thus the Hubbard pump station was dropped from the revised project plans.  The Sandpiper Pipeline southern preferred route is still in the same place, just south of Hubbard, MN.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LLAA's May 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

Pipeline Route
Due to public demand, the public comment period for the Sandpiper oil pipeline has been extended to 5/30/2014.  Please take this significant opportunity to express your opinion.
Details are given at our website:  Deadline for Filing Comments Extended
the COLA website:  Hubbard Cola Sandpiper Pipeline Information
and at this website:  Friends of the Headwaters

Action instructions are given at:

To inform you, the final Long Lake Area Association sponsored Spring Update for our Seasonal Residents is scheduled for Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 7 PM at the Northwoods Bank Community Room.
Come and learn about (1) the Enbridge/North Dakota Pipeline Company's Sandpiper Pipeline Route and (2) MN DNR's Straight River Pilot Groundwater Management Area Project.

There are three other open meetings on the Sandpiper topic as well; all at the Northwoods Bank Community Room:

  • Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations:  Sunday 5/18/14 at 1 pm and Tuesday 5/20/14 at 7pm.
  • Friends of the Headwaters:  Thurs, May 15, 7pm.

Remember the PUC comment period ends Friday, 5/30/2014 at 4:30pm.  Let your voice be heard!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ice Out Update

Ice out on Long Lake was April 29th this year. The chart has been updated and can be viewed on our Ice Data page.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Welcome back to lake country!!

Please plan to attend one of the one-hour sessions designed especially for our Long Lake Area Association seasonal residents to help you learn about the proposed Sandpiper Pipeline Route through Hubbard County's lakes area.

The MN Public Utilities Commission has extended the public comment period only until 5/30/14 to give us all a chance to learn even more about this important opportunity.  We will have resource materials available that were shared in the January 2014 Park Rapids League of Women Voters Panel Discussion on the Sandpiper Pipeline, educational maps with the pipeline route from the Friends of the Headwaters, recent newspaper articles and other information available for you.

To accommodate everyone's busy spring schedules, this one-hour session will be offered 3 separate times.  All sessions will be at the Northwoods Bank Community Room, 1200 East First Street, Park Rapids, MN 56470.  The room is handicap accessible.  Park away from the front of the Bank!

Choose just one "1-hour session" that fits your schedule best.

Friday, 4/25/14 at 10 AM

Wed, 4/30/14 at 1 PM

Thurs 5/8/14 at 7 PM

Come, learn, and enjoy refreshments.  Check out the links below for more information on the topic areas in the meantime.  Bring your friends and neighbors too!

link to previous post about pipeline

We'll also have information on the MN DNR Straight River Pilot Groundwater Management Area Program that started in 2014.  This area includes Long Lake.  To learn more, go to

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deadline for filing comments with Public Utiltities Commission has been extended!

The Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc. Board of Director's Request for an extended comment period for our seasonal residents to learn about the Sandpiper Pipeline Route was heard by the MN Public Utilities Commission!   Please see the resources suggested in the earlier post "Crude Oil Pump Station Planned Near Hubbard" to enhance your education on the Sandpiper Pipeline Route.  (Click here to view the post). Talk with your neighbors about this information.

The new deadline for filing comments is Friday, May 30, 2014 at 4:30 PM for the
Application of North Dakota Pipeline Company LLC for a Pipeline Routing Permit for the Sandpiper Pipeline Project in Minnesota.

Topics Open for Comment at this Time:
  • What human and environmental impacts should be studied in the comparative environmental analysis?
  • Are there any specific methods to address these impacts that should be studied in the comparative environmental analysis?
  • Are there any alternative routes or route segments that should be considered?
Submit Public Comments:

Please include the PUC Docket Numbers (13-474) in all communications.

Fax:  651-539-0109

Persons without email access may send by U.S. Mail to:
Larry Hartman, Environmental Review Manager
Minnesota Department of Commerce
85 7th Place East, Suite 500
St. Paul, MN 55101

Monday, April 14, 2014

LLAA's April 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

Two bills are before the Minnesota Senate and House, which could bring $250,000 to Hubbard County, and provide many decontamination units.

SF 2342 / HF 2855 – County Program Aid Modification & Appropriation

(related to local AIS work)
  • Sends $10 million to counties for local AIS work ($250,000 for Hubbard County)
  • Money is apportioned (50%) based on the number of watercraft ramps and 50% based on the number of watercraft trailer parking spaces at those ramps.  Areas with higher need are apportioned greater funding.
  • A county that receives funding must use the money soley to, “prevent the introduction of or limit the spread of invasive species at all access sites within the county, regardless of ownership or management.”
  • Funding begins in 2015 and thereafter.
SF 2707 / HF 2628 – Use of Weigh Stations and Rest Areas for AIS Inspection, Education, Decontamination
 - Requires the Commissioner of the DNR and the Commissioner of Transportation to “cooperate in an effort to use weigh stations and rest areas, where feasible, as sites for watercraft decontamination and other activities to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.”

These are very important bills.  Please e-mail your support to the Long Lake Legislators:
     - Steve Green – 02B – MN House:
     - Rod Skoe – 02 – MN Senate:
Don't live in Park Rapids?  Find “Who Represents Me” at Minnesota Legislature:

New!  See the MN DNR Annual Report to the Legislature on AIS for 2013:

Late News
MN DNR is offering new updated Aquatic Invasive Species Volunteer training in Detroit Lakes on 4/16/14, in Bemidji on 4/23/14 and in Walker on 5/7/14:
* Please let LLAA know if you complete this new training.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pipeline Planned through Hubbard Township

The following is from our LLAA President, Sharon Natzel:

This is the Enbridge (June 2013) map showing the planned route through Hubbard Township.
(Enlarge the map by clicking on it.)
Please note that the pump station indicated is no longer part of the Sandpiper pipeline application: according to Enbridge email of 4/25/2014.
As President of the LLAA, I encourage you to submit comments based on your own research to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission regarding the Sandpiper Pipeline before 4/4/14 at 4:30 PM.  (It has been extended to May 30, 2014 at 4:30 pm) The PUC link below describes the proposal, has a map at the end and clearly states the format for comments, what can be commented on, along with the address to send to, etc.

Your LLAA Board of Directors submitted a request for extension of the comment period and additional public meetings to the PUC as did The Hubbard County Commissioners, some other lake associations & townships, & League of Women Voters because many seasonal landowners are unable to fully participate.  Our Request is denied so get your comments in now please!

Included below are links from the 1/7/14 panel discussion on the pipeline hosted by the League Of Women Voters plus a link to a new group with science-based maps with pipeline overlay.

In the PDF files attached you’ll see:
1)  An example comment related to Long Lake based on my own personal research in the dockets 13-473 Certificate of Need and 13-474 Sandpiper Pipeline Route regarding the potential Hubbard Pumping Station. (The pump station section is not relevant according to an Enbridge email of 4/25/2014 because of a change in pipeline size from 24 to 30 inches.) 

2)  A copy of my personal comments submitted to the PUC following the public meeting in Park Rapids, 3/12/2014.  I was only able to present 5 comments orally due to time constraints. These comments will appear in Docket 13-474 sometime.

Long Lake can’t form words - only waves!
Sincerely,  Sharon Natzel

Here are links for other resources including the Dockets link above:
1)  LWV Panelist 1:  Tracy M.B. Smetana, Public Advisor, Consumer Affairs Office, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, 651-296-0406.  The MPUC link is above.
2)  Friends of the Headwaters is a group of local residents advocating for the protection of Northern Minnesota related to the pipeline: 
 Science-based maps show pipeline.
3)  LWV Panelist 2:  Lorraine Little, Senior Manager of Public Affairs, Enbridge; for more information about the Sandpiper project go to:
4)  LWV Panelist 3:  Presenter Winona LaDuke, Rural Development economist, author, and Director of Honor the Earth. She has earned degrees from Harvard, did graduate work at MIT and has a Masters in Rural Development.
5)  LWV Panelist 4:  Nathan Kestner, Regional Environmental Assessment Ecologist, MN DNR Division of Ecological & Water Resources, NW Region.  Email:

Example_Comments PDF 1
Example_Comments PDF 2

Monday, March 3, 2014

Environmentally Safe Bacterium Effective Against Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels Photo from US Geological Survey
A biologist, Dr. Daniel P. Molloy, has found a way to kill zebra mussels using a bacterium that kills the mussels but apparently has little or no effect on other organisms.  Some of Dr. Molloy's research references Lake Carlos in Minnesota and included in the interesting NY Times article about his work (link below) is a video (less than a minute) showing zebra mussels floating in their larval veliger stage.

New York Times Article from February 24, 2014:
Science Takes on a Silent Invader
StarTribune Article from March 10, 2014:
Questions answered by Dr. Molloy

Thursday, February 27, 2014

LLAA's March 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

If you vote in Hubbard Township or Henrietta Township, your physical presence and vote count!  Both the Hubbard and Henrietta Township Annual Meetings will be held on Tuesday, March 11th at 7 PM. Please attend your township meeting, and vote for your township's support of a donation of at least $2000 to the Hubbard County SWCD (Soil and Water Conservation District) for the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) watercraft inspection prevention program on township lakes, in partnership with participating township lake associations.  The Henrietta Township Annual Meeting is at 19401 State Hwy 226 (Dorset road).  The Hubbard Township Annual Meeting is at the Hubbard Community Center.

Internet Photo from the National Parks Service
We here at LLAA are listening to you also.  We received 35 responses from the January 2014 LLAA e-mail survey.  You indicated the monthly e-mails have been educational, are sometimes shared, plus provided 11 ideas for future topics.  The website is used by 32 of these respondents.  The Spring / Autumn LLAA Newsletters are read by 97%, and shared with others about 50% of the time.  LLAA Facebook is utilized by about 1/3rd of the respondents.  Thank you for taking your time to help guide us in our LLAA communications endeavors.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scenes from Hubbard Prairie Sleigh Festival

Participants had a good time in spite of the wind chill.  Those that braved the winds saw a great parade of sleighs along with snow sculptures, an old time camp, and historical displays.  They also got to eat first-rate chili.  (Some of the beans used in the chili were locally grown.)

The Long Lake Area Association again hosted events at the Community Center in Hubbard.  The displays included handmade replicas of logging equipment and tools made by Jerry Ritola, plus old time tools provided by Dick Schauer.  A big thank you to Sharon Natzel who organized our group.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Minnesota's DNR Eagle Cam Live

Eagle Photo from MN DNR Eagle Cam
The DNR's eagle cam is up and running again. It's focused on a nest in the Twin Cities area. Last year the pair laid eggs too early and they didn't hatch. This year there are two eggs that were just laid within the last 5 days, giving them a much better chance. Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press

Our link to the DNR's eagle cam is in the "Webcams" box on the right sidebar.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Something to Do!

Here's an idea for something to do over the next few weeks while winter is finally giving way to Spring..  (At least we hope Spring will win this battle.)

 In Little Falls, MN, only about 90 miles south of Long Lake, is the Minnesota Fishing Museum.  It is open Tues-Fri: 10-5 and weekends with other times by appointment.

"The Minnesota Fishing Museum (MFM) is a place where memories come alive and stories are told of days gone by. The collection of over 10,000 artifacts related to Minnesota fishing is beautifully displayed and lovingly maintained at 304 West Broadway in Little Falls, Minnesota.
Fishing has always played a vital role in the lives of Minnesotans, beginning with the Native Americans and the state’s earliest settlers. When it comes to fishing Minnesota is in a class all its own. The state offers 4 million acres of water and has 18,000 miles of waterways, rivers and streams.
" - quoted from the Museum's website.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

LLAA Foundation Fund Drive Reaches $26,270

Due to your generous donations totaling  $26,270, 
 we are planning to increase the watercraft inspection hours 
 for the coming season. 

Last year there were 1039 hrs of inspections.  This year 144 very generous families have donated.   Ninety of these families have allowed us to publicly recognize their donations:

The other awesome families prefer to remain anonymous.  Two families so far have donated their Christmas gifts.  Some families have contributed multiple times during the fund drive through Gifts of Honor and/or Memorials too.

It is easy to give a Gift of Honor to a friend or family member that enjoys coming to Long Lake

Thank you for all you do for our Healthy Long Lake!  Follow us on Facebook:

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Looking for Something to do this Weekend?

Itasca State Park is hosting a "Snowshoe Social" on Saturday, February 1st.
Click on this poster for details. ⬇️