Friday, December 30, 2016

Ellie's Fishing Story

1.  This is Ellie.
2.  She was with her family and her dog, Cooper, was close by when whe caught this little black bass.
3.  The bait Ellie used was Powerbait.
4.  She was at her family's cabin on the northwest end of the lake.
5.  The fish was caught over the 4th of July weekend 2016, around 11:00 in the morning.
6.  Ellie loves to fish from the end of the dock. It's just one of her many favorite pastimes at the cabin! She catches all sorts of pan fish, along with both rock and large mouth bass!

 Also Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year...especially to all of those who are ice fishing this winter.  Stay safe and have fun.  Send your winter pictures to us, too. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ice In! On December 16, 2016

Sharon Natzel checked with our deep side spotter families this morning.  They feel that the final ice-in date for 2016 is Friday, December 16th.  We took into consideration the extra weight of the snow last night on new ice that formed yesterday and those spots stayed frozen over, not re-opening, so its "a go" to declare 12/16/16 as the ice-in date.

Sharon will file our ice-in date for Long Lake with DNR/MPCA.

In our Guess the Date the Lake Freezes Over Contest Kay Schultz came the closest with a guess of of December 15th:  Bob Natzel guessed the 19th.

A final drawing from ALL participants names by an unbiased observer was held. The guesser's name drawn from the hat to receive the $20 gift certificate for Dairy Queen is Barb Kersting from Litchfield.  She is in LLAA Neighborhood 2 on Dakota Shores!  Congratulations to Barb !  The gift certificate will be mailed to Barb in Litchfield!  Special thanks to Barb plus all the others who ventured a guess for ice-in date on Long Lake!

The charts and other information will be posted on the Ice Data page as soon as they are received.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Logan's Fishing Story

1.  These are our twin (almost 5 year old) grandsons.  Logan, on the left, is the one who had a part in catching this bad boy northern.
2.  Logan and his brother, Jackson, were fishing with their dad and grandpa from our family's cabin dock.
3.  A sunfish was the bait that this northern hit on! Logan was fishing on the dock with this ugly stick; a great pole for young kids!  He caught a sunfish on a jig.  Grandpa Jeff was helping him reel in his sunny, when this big northern came up and ate the sunny!  After 5 minutes of jumping in the water and getting the northern loose from a stump Logan and Grandpa Jeff had their catch!
4.  This is Great Grandma's cabin property on the southwest side of Long by Hubbard!
5.  It was July 8, 2016, around 2 pm.
6.  Our cabin has been in the family for almost 40 years! We are so happy that our grandkids enjoy fishing as much as our many other family members do!  Thanks to their great grandpa and grandma who bought this place in 1979. (Great Grandma, "GG", still lives here!)  Many more Fish Stories will be made on Beautiful Long Lake!  Oh, by the way, this bad boy was CPR'd so the boys can catch him again next summer!  🎣