Thursday, December 30, 2010

A poll

A poll has been added to this page.  Please scroll down to find it.  Each month a new poll question will be posted.  The information from these polls could go into the history of Long Lake that is being compiled.   If you have other questions that you would like to see in the coming months, please let us know.

Don't forget to join the history wiki. You can get there through the history portal tab.  If you have a picture of your old boat, post it on the wiki or send it to us.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long Lake Resident is Park Rapid's Newest Author

The following story is reprinted with permission from the Park Rapids Enterprise.

LuAnne White
Feisty feline companion prompts book

     For years, LuAnne White saw Fred only through windows, the feral feline aloof and independent.
    The “Lothario of the neighborhood” was known to all on Chippewa Loop.
    Considering himself to be “God’s gift to the human population – and female cats,” Fred accepted gifts of food, at a stately distance. But over the span of a decade, a relationship between White and Fred formed. And when he died last summer, after a battle with cancer, White penned a tribute to the “demanding, obnoxious, carefree” critter that captured her imagination and stole her heart.

Website for Tracking Loons

A website was listed in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine for tracking loons in central Minnesota and Wisconsin.  It tracks loons who were implanted with satellite transmitters in July to follow their movements south this Fall.  They are now in their wintering areas.  Check out the migrations on the site to see where the loons are and the path each loon took: 
Enjoy the site as you await the return of the loons next Spring!
- This information was sent to LongLakeLiving by Sharon Natzel

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Long Lake History Project has a Christmas Wish.

Holidays are a time when many of us gather with families and share in family traditions.  It is also a perfect opportunity to reminisce about our times at Long Lake.

The Long Lake history project needs your help.  Write those stories down!  Copy them to the history wiki website.  Scan a picture or two and put them up.  Tell me the stories of when you first came to Long Lake.  Remember, even 10 years ago is history.

We need people to join the wiki.  (There are only 2 of us so far.)  You can access the history wiki from the "History Portal" tab at the top of the page.
If posting to the wiki doesn't work for you, send those stories to me.  Use the "contact us" email address at the bottom of this page.

Your input is the best present a historian can receive.
Thank you and Happy Holidays

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tri-County AIS Legislative Summit Rescheduled

Saturday, January 15, 2011 is the new date set for the Tri-County Aquatic Invasive Species Legislative Summit originally scheduled for December 13, 2010. The Summit will begin at 9:30am with an informal reception for all attendees and legislators in the Conference Center at M-State in Detroit Lakes. The Summit begins at 10:00am.

What began as a Becker County initiative quickly has grown to become a multi-county effort as Hubbard and Otter Tail county coalitions of lake associations and environmental groups have joined with the many Becker County government agencies and organizations hosting the Summit.

The Summit brings all of the key agencies, businesses and environmental organizations together with state legislative representatives and senators to focus on the need to prioritize the research, management and prevention of aquatic invasive species in the more than 2,360 lakes in the three-county area. With 800 of these lakes having public access sites just on those lakes, the potential for future contamination could be devastating if containment measures are not enacted immediately.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Update on COLA Lawsuit

A front page article in the Park Rapids Enterprise this week by Sarah Smith covers the most recent developments concerning a lawsuit filed by COLA against Hubbard County and it’s Board of Adjustment.  This is the link to the newspaper’s article:
Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County), Inc. supports this lawsuit as part of our effort to protect our lake and all Hubbard County lakes.  LLAA(HC)'s support has been documented in various Board Meeting Minutes on our Board Communications page.

December 8th: Ice IN

Bill & Lucy Anderson report that Long Lake froze over as of December 8, 2010. They track our official ice in and ice out dates for us.  They live near the deepest part of Long Lake.  The date will be added to our tracking workbook so that the charts can be updated in the History Section of the Website periodically.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Party at North Point Lodge

Group picture
Long Lake Area Association held its annual Christmas party at North Point Lodge on December 7th.  It was, as you can see, festively decorated to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

There were 40 people in attendance.  We had excellent appetizers in a social hour, followed by an excellent dinner. The chicken and pasta dishes (at least at our table) were particularly good.  Not many of us had room for desserts.

Thanks to Nancy Baer, Barb Roberts and Sandy Bjorkman for making all the arrangements.  Good job.  

Joyce & Bill Cowman won the door prize of a handwoven basket by Nancy Baer.  It was filled with wine, cheese and others goodies by Barb Roberts and Sandy Bjorkman.

Bill and Joyce Cowman

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zhateau Zorbaz

A group of about 12 of us braved the winter weather and had a wonderful time at Zorbaz tonight.  Good drinks, good food and great company.  In case no one noticed on the way home,  the sky was clear and the stars were gorgeous.

Hope to see many of you at the Association's Christmas get together at North Point on Tuesday.