Saturday, May 27, 2017

You are the First Line of Defense Against AIS: Ask Questions

Do you know that in 2011 Minnesota passed a law for service providers so that AIS, such as the Zebra mussels pictured here, are not transported from one waterway to another?  Contamination from nearby infested lakes, such as Leech Lake (Zebra mussels), Detroit Lake (Zebra mussels), Twin Lakes and Crow Wing Lakes (faucet snail), needs to be prevented.

To view a map showing infested lakes, follow this link and click on the maps tab:

Check if your service provider uses equipment in infested lakes like Leech Lake (the big lake near Walker) or Detroit Lake.  Call ahead before delivery to check how they decontaminate their trucks, trailers, boots, and clothing.  We are going to need extreme vigilance to prevent contamination.  While certified providers have been trained, it is well worthwhile for each of us to call our provider and make sure the precautions are being taken.

According to the law, service providers are individuals or businesses hired to install or remove water-related equipment, such as boats, docks, boat lifts, or structures, from waters of the state. They are required to obtain a permit from the DNR before providing any of those services.  Permits are granted after the principal person in the company has attended and passed a 3 hour training course relating to AIS issues and paid a $50 fee.  All employees must take an online AIS course.  Vehicle stickers and wallet cards are then issued.

To confirm your provider is permitted visit:  Look under Hubbard County or if the provider is further away, check Clearwater, Beltrami, Cass, Wadena, Becker or Otter Tail counties.

Please be sure your guests decontaminate equipment coming from infested areas.
Check information and times at:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Association Members Spring Roadside Clean Up

On May 6th approximately fifteen Long Lake Area Association members helped clean the ditches along a 7 mile stretch of County 20 and the lake access areas.  It was a beautiful day to be out and help beautify the area around Long Lake.  We were able to collect a pickup load full of garbage in a short period of time, proving that our clean up activity is important to the health and well being of our lake.  Thank you to all who volunteered.  Our Fall clean up date will be Saturday September 16, 2017.  Everyone is invited to join us! - Jamie Beretta

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Saturday Fishing Opener, Sunday Mother's Day

As so often happens in Minnesota, the fishing opener and Mother's Day coincide again this year.  We wish the best of luck to all the anglers and a very happy Mothers Day to all mothers.

A few reminders for everyone at the start of this busy season on the lake:
  • Be aware of the damage invasive species can do to a lake and please be vigilant to help keep Long Lake free of Zebra Mussels and other forms of aquatic invasive species.  Please clean, drain, and dry your boats.  We're very fortunate here in the Park Rapids area to have a handy and free decontamination station.  Information and a map to the location can be found on our Watercraft Decontamination Information page:  Watercraft Decontamination Information Page
  • A copy of fishing regulations for the 2017 season can be found on the Minnesota DNR's website here:  2017 Minnesota Fishing Regulations
  • Remember that LLAA's "Kids Fishing Contest" ends June 22nd at 10pm.  Be sure to get your entries in so they can be posted before the LLAA Annual Meeting which is on Saturday June 24th.  There have been eight entries so far this year.  Three lucky winners will be drawn at the meeting.  Check out the Kids Fishing Contest Page for all the details of the contest and to see the entries.
A new fishing contest will be announced at the LLAA Annual Meeting and we will post about it later on the website.  This new challenge will be for adults.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Long Lake Remembers Bill Stover William (Bill) Stover died on Thursday, April 27th, at Diamond Willow in Park Rapids.

Bill will be missed by the Long Lake community. His family is one of original families to build a cabin on the west side in what was called Pine Haven. His grandfather, Harry Taylor Stover, bought a lot on Chippewa Loop in 1928. His father, Lloyd Stover, as a college student took a summer job surveying Long Lake for The Burris Pilkington Company. This was the company that was selling lake lots from the present day Beach Haven Road to the north end of Chippewa Loop.  Many residents will recognize the name Stover as Stover Bay near the Pine Haven Christian Assembly Camp. (Some of the old maps have misspelled it as Stoffer Bay.)  While the Stover cabin on Chippewa Loop still remains in the family, Bill and his wife, Kristi, had their own cabin on the east side of the lake. Bill and Kristi met at Long Lake as her family, the Beals, also have a cabin on Chippewa Loop.

More information can be found in the Park Rapids Enterprise by following this link:

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Lakeshore - Tips and Resources

Despite our up and down temperatures (first spring, then winter and back to spring) we are all thinking of yard work.  Picking up the branches, leaves, pine cones, etc. that fell over the winter and figuring out how to improve our lake lots.

We all know that we should make intentional plans to help capture run off water and protect the lake from excess nutrients.  We know to put in some native plants to keep down shore erosion, but what kind of fertilizers?  Should we even use fertilizers?  How short should we cut the grass?  Who can help answers questions like these?  On Saturday the Park Rapids Enterprise published a very good article to help everyone "lake scape" their property to protect the health of the land and the lake. 

Follow the link below for the whole story.

PRE: Tips, Resources for Spring Lakeshore Improvement