Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No Hubbard Pump Station Due To 30 Inch Pipeline

We have learned from Christine Davis, Enbridge's Community Relations Consultant_U.S. Public Affairs, that a Hubbard, MN pump station is no longer part of the Sandpiper Pipeline application currently being reviewed by the MN Public Utilities Commission (PUC).  In an email from Christine [4/25/14] she explained that between the June, 2013 draft plan proposal to the MN PUC which showed the Hubbard Pump Station and the final project application in November of 2013, Enbridge increased the diameter of the Clearbrook to Superior portion of the pipeline from 24 inches to 30 inches.  Because there is less resistance with the larger pipe, less pumping power is required to move the oil.  Thus the Hubbard pump station was dropped from the revised project plans.  The Sandpiper Pipeline southern preferred route is still in the same place, just south of Hubbard, MN.

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