Saturday, July 5, 2014

MLR Legacy Webinar on Cabin Trusts: announced at Annual Meeting

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Wednesday, July 9
1:00 – 2:30 pm (central time)
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Dear Friend,
If your lake place is the center of your family, the gathering place, the spot where friends and extended family gather to create life-long memories, then you cannot afford to miss this seminar.  Our places are heirlooms, not assets.  But moving a place from one generation to the next can be difficult. Recent changes to the Minnesota gift tax will require further planning. Now you and your heirs can establish a future for the family place that has been so important.

Find Out What Can Happen Without a Cabin Trust or Cabin LLC…
  •      Disputes arise over who should pay the taxes, insurance and maintenance
  •      Interests pass to unintended heirs
  •      Interests in the cabin may go through multiple probates
  •      Unexpected loss of step-up in basis

  •      Disputes over who gets to use the property and when they get to use it
  •      Too many common owners with too many different interests and financial
          situations to be workable
Find Out What Can Happen With a Cabin Trust or Cabin LLC
  • Avoid disputes and bring family together for generations to come
  • Reduce estate and gift taxes and avoid multiple probates
  • Can be stand-alone or added to your existing will or living trust
  • Provide a cash endowment to fund taxes, insurance, maintenance, even a new boat
  • Create an orderly schedule of use, rules regarding guests and expense sharing agreements
  • Plan for cross purchases between siblings and other heirs

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