Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ice Conditions

Each year, those of us that stay at the lake for the winter, watch and wait to declare the specific date that Long Lake is completely frozen over. As you know we still cannot declare ice in since the lake was only frozen over about three days starting December 5th. Because of the variations in temperatures and rain instead of snow during December, the deep areas of the lake opened up again.
The Park Rapids Enterprise is warning everyone with headlines such as "Water Gaps Developing on Area Lakes; Use Caution" and it mentioned Long Lake specifically in the short article.
The DNR is also posting warnings and safety guides to being on the ice:

Then we take a look at the 10 day weather forecast from

The temperatures are dropping from Christmas Day on.  So we may get a completely frozen lake by Tuesday.
BE CAREFUL when planning your holiday lake fun.  

Reminders:  Long Lake Area Association is sponsoring a Kids Fishing Contest from now until the annual meeting.  For more details check out this link:

Also check out the new blog entry on The Long Lake Foundation website: (read about the generosity of our many Secret Santas)

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