Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Updates from Long Lake Area Association

1) The Star Tribune has an excellent two part article entitled, "Zebra Mussel Surge Imperils Lake Life":
2)  More Starry Trek:  Participants willing to help search for Starry Stonewort on our Hubbard County lakes public access sites from 8:30am to 1pm on 10 next Saturday, 8/5/17, are needed.  Please register here:   You will get training on how to identify Starry Stonewort on that day, so no experience is needed.

3)  Are you willing to help here on Long Lake for 3 hours?  We will do our Long Lake Area Association (LLAA) aquatic vegetation meanders in the shallow water littoral area where vegetation grows to identify any invasive species on Friday 8/11, Tues 8/15 and Monday 8/21.  We will need to troll along the water on pontoons, in fishing boats, in canoes or kayaks looking into the water (in the, hopefully, calm shallow waters) spotting vegetation that is out of the ordinary.  Samples will be taken using a rake and identification tools.  We will team up in 3-hour shifts with the desired goal to cover all the lakeshore in the LLAA neighborhoods in the 3 days.  Contact Sharon at to volunteer or to get more information.
Not into vegetation but like to be on the water?  We will need pontoon/boat drivers.

4)  Don't forget to participate in the ongoing LLAA Kids Fishing Contest and also the Adult's Fishing Challenge.  Both are going on here on Long Lake.  See details on our website:
Enjoy the rest of the summer on on Long Lake!!

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