Tuesday, August 1, 2017

DNR Firewise Tips

Photo from DNR firewise page
The  Firewise specialist's talk at the LLAA Annual Meeting was so important that we sent out this e-blast for those who were not at the meeting and also as a reminder for those who heard the talk.

Based on local historical experience, Long Lake shores (especially the jack pine areas along the west shore) are considered possible tracts for raging fires.  In such a case poorly maintained properties will burn while well maintained properties can often be saved.

Spend some time to:
  • Remove pine needles and leaves from your roof and gutters
  • Remove pine needles/leaves next to building walls
  • Remove the lower branches of nearby trees
  • Remove nearby dead vegetation & branches
  • Relocate woodpiles away from buildings and gas tanks

✔︎Go here for a full list of 25 "firewise" tips:

✔︎For a good Powerpoint and a photo checklist follow the links below:
Backyard Firewise Ecology
Conducting a Home Risk Evaluation

✔︎For tips on reducing fire risk from brown jack pines, see:

In a fire emergency your cabin or residence phone will be auto-dialed by the sheriff's office.  In the case of an evacuation the evacuation route will be specified.  Cell phone numbers can also be on the auto-dial list, so please call the sheriff's office at 218 732-3331 to add your cell phone to the list.

The Firewise Specialist, Dan Carroll, who spoke at our LLAA Annual Meeting invited folks to call him if they had specific questions that couldn't be answered through all the resources available.  His office is in the lower level of the forestry building in Park Rapids.
Phone: 218-732-3309 or Email: dan.carroll@state.mn.us

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