Saturday, August 26, 2017

Update on Aquatic Vegetation Meander

Another activity by volunteers from your Lake Association to monitor and protect the lake. Thanks to Eileen Thomas, Harlan & Linda Johnson, CC White, Sharon Natzel, Larry and Barb Roberts, Jack Derr, Betty Larsen, Jim Blodgett, and Joanne Torfin for all the help. 

The aquatic vegetation meander along the lake-shore shallows, back bays, and stumpy areas was completed on Wednesday, 8/23/17.  On various excursions from August 11th to August 23rd a total of 11 participants focused their "eyes on the water" looking for any unusual plants not on our normal aquatic vegetation list.

We bagged 2 plant varieties to check with the DNR and they were OK.  Adding up the total hours involved comes to 60 person hours including the prep, boat driving, kayak paddling, wading, and cleanup time.

The most interesting aquatic plant was the tiny white flower on a long thin stem which is the Elodea (the three leaf plant) getting ready for next spring.  It's the winter bud process.

The varieties of plants that we have on the lake can be found on our Long Lake Living website under Aquatic Plant Surveys:  We spotted about 3/4ths of these plants in our meandering.

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