Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Lakeshore - Tips and Resources

Despite our up and down temperatures (first spring, then winter and back to spring) we are all thinking of yard work.  Picking up the branches, leaves, pine cones, etc. that fell over the winter and figuring out how to improve our lake lots.

We all know that we should make intentional plans to help capture run off water and protect the lake from excess nutrients.  We know to put in some native plants to keep down shore erosion, but what kind of fertilizers?  Should we even use fertilizers?  How short should we cut the grass?  Who can help answers questions like these?  On Saturday the Park Rapids Enterprise published a very good article to help everyone "lake scape" their property to protect the health of the land and the lake. 

Follow the link below for the whole story.

PRE: Tips, Resources for Spring Lakeshore Improvement

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