Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Join the Fun: Guess the Ice In Date for 2016

Good Luck!

To engage the others who also cherish Long Lake here in Hubbard County, Lou and Kay Schultz have started the guessing game again this year as to when we will have "ice-in" this season! 

Using the 29 years of ice-in data on our website,  Lou notes that the mean ice-in date is December 11th based on the online data.

  • Lou's estimate is 12/20/16.
  • Kay's estimate is 12/15/16.
Refer to the ice-in data to help you with your guesstimate:  http://www.longlakeliving.org/p/ice-in-ice-out-data.html

To participate for fun, please send your guess to longlakeliving@gmail.com. All those selecting the winning date will be recognized.  A final drawing from ALL participants names by an unbiased observer will select one participant to receive the $20 gift certificate donated by an anonymous LLAA member.

Good Luck!

1 comment:

Long Lake Area Association said...

We have 4 guesses in so far...Keep the guesses coming in.