Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is Your Septic System Contaminating Long Lake?

LLAA's April 2016 Email from Arthur Howe

Hi folks,

Septic systems can be degraded over time by sludge build up, for example, by the use of a garbage disposal unit.  Sludge carryover can ruin the effectiveness of the drainfield.  The tank should be pumped out when the sludge becomes deep.  Also, excessive water usage can reduce the effectiveness of the drainfield.  For a full account of how to maintain an effective septic system please go to this link, from the University of Minnesota:


Let's be vigilant in maintaining our septic systems so that they don't contaminate surrounding areas.

U of M Figure 1: Typical cross section of a septic tank showing the layers of sludge, liquid, and scum. Newer tanks will have access ports for pumping. Older tanks may have a manhole cover that should be removed for pumping. Inspection ports on older tanks are not suitable for pumping.

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