Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Greetings from LLAA President Monika Wilkins!

Monika Wilkins was elected President of the Long Lake Area Association at the first LLAA board meeting of the fiscal year following the Annual Meeting in June.  Monika lives on the west side of Long Lake, hosts the Long Lake web cam, and is the Owner of Monika’s Quilt & Yarn Shop in Park Rapids.  She is dedicated to keeping Long Lake the beautiful place we all know and love. Following is her letter to us that opens our latest Newsletter.  Links to this newsletter and more can be found by scrolling down our Board Communications page.  To go directly to this newsletter click here →  2016 Fall Newsletter


Mother Nature just held her last big party dressed in reds, gold and bronze but now has taken off her colorful attire and is waiting for that white blanket of snow under which she will sleep until spring.

Animal friends are preparing for the long winter as well. Birds are flocking together and getting ready to fly towards the warmth of the south. Many of our friends and neighbors here at the lake are getting ready to leave us for the warmer climes as well.

Let me share with you Snowbirds some of the things you are missing while enjoying balmy temps so far away from our lake.

Imagine, just for a moment, sitting by the fireplace during the dark night watching hungry flames eating away at big chunks of wood. You can listen to the wind howling in the chimney and snowflakes whispering against the window glass. As you awaken the next morning you will witness bright blue sky, sunshine and freshly fallen snow glistening brilliantly as if a giant hand cast millions of diamonds over the landscape.

Now there are very cold temperatures descending from up north and our lake is being covered with a blanket of ice. The lake doesn’t always like it’s icy prison, and it can be heard moaning occasionally. Our lake and our surroundings sleep only to be visited once in a while by our wilderness animal friends as they think of the renewal of spring.

This and every other season make our lake the “Magic Place” we’ve all come to love and appreciate. Living here on the shores of Long Lake also challenges us to protect and care for the water and the shoreline.

Did you know Long Lake is part of a minor watershed? It is also one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in the area, fed only by groundwater. We can all do our part in protecting the water clarity by keeping septic systems up to Code, limiting the use of fertilizers and herbicides and planting vegetation along the lake shore. These practices can help to mitigate potentially harmful chemicals and pollution from reaching the water.

There is also a very real threat of AIS like Zebra Mussel and Starry Stonewort invading our lake which are difficult to control and can have dire consequences. Watercraft inspections and education are of the utmost importance. Our AIS Coordinator for Long Lake is Sharon Natzel. Sharon is a wealth of information and can answer any question you may have. She may direct you to the DNR and to HC COLA (Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations) for more information that can help you to move forward with a proactive role in keeping our lake healthy.

When all of us become involved in keeping our lake as pristine as nature intended, we will always be able to call it a “Magic Place” for generations to come.

Happy Winter! Monika Wilkins

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