Friday, September 30, 2016

Latest AIS Threat is only 45 miles from Long Lake

Boat propellers are getting jammed in nearby lakes by dense growths of the invasive species starry stonewort.  

Starry stonewort has recently been confirmed in the following Minnesota Lakes:
  • Big Turtle Lake ( 45 Miles N of Long Lake), 
  • Cass Lake (45 miles NE of Long Lake), 
  • Upper Red Lake (80 miles N of Long Lake)
  •  Lake Koronis (120 miles S of Long Lake).
Dredging has started in Big Turtle Lake to try and remove the dense underwater growths.  It is estimated to cost $800,000 to treat Lake Koronis. 
Video of Dredging in Big Turtle Lake:

Starry stonewort is spread by physical transfer of the tendrils,  so it is now even more important to thoroughly clean all  boats entering Long Lake, even if they have only come from nearby lakes.

 If you find suspected starry stonewort in the lake, immediately call the Park Rapids DNR at
218 732 8960.

Free watercraft  decontamination is still available in Park Rapids, call 218 252 6738 for an appointment:

Starry stonewart is described here:      https://

Damage to Lake Recreation:     

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