Friday, May 3, 2013

Loons and the Spring Newsletter

Loon, May 2013
Photo by Barb Roberts
Barb Roberts sent us these photos today telling us, "A pair of loons are back on the north end of Long Lake.  Larry & I put the artificial loon nest out today.  This is the second year we've put it out.  They didn't use it last year but we are hoping they will give it a try this year!"
We, too, hope the nesting platform will get used this year.  Thanks Barb and Larry.

Another sign of spring is LLAA's spring newsletter!  We've just posted it and you can find it by scrolling down toward the bottom of the "Board Communications" page or by following this link:  2013 Spring Newsletter

Nesting Platform
Photo by Barb Roberts

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CC White said...

Great pictures... thanks for sharing Barb. You have that much open water at the north end??