Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a difference 4 days make!

It seems like everyone is talking about the weather.  How will the ice ever melt by the fishing opener?  Will the big piles of snow left by the snow plows ever go away?  When can we get back into the cabins?

On April 1st we had a temperature of 28 degrees and lots of snow on the ground.  The temperatures stayed in the 30s maybe hitting 40° in an afternoon, but snow continued.  Finally, on April 26th, we had a temperature of 61 degrees.  Still, there was so much snow around that it didn't feel like we would ever get out on the lake.  Well, what a difference 4 days makes!  We have had 4 days of 60 degree weather; the sun is out with a strong but warm wind today.  Most of the snow is gone.  The lake ice has started to come away from the shore and it has turned a dark color. (Meaning it is slushy ice, not snow on the lake.)  The first picture was taken on April 26th and the rest were taken today.  There is hope for spring and even summer.

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Anonymous said...

WooHoo!!!! We're thinking sunshine and "green" and "spring" for all of you.....and for the promise of spring and summer fun for all of us!
Thanks for the great news! Your 60 degree days sound GREAT!!!! Dale and Linda Krause Shallberg