Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Official

The spring we have longed for has finally come:  The ice was literally blown off the lake over night.  The winds this morning were around 20 miles per hour.  According to our records that is 4 days later than the latest recorded date of May 7, 1996.

Another sign of spring was the opening of fishing season. This was all the more fun this year as Governor Dayton and friends held the official opener in Park Rapids.  There were many celebrations including a community picnic down town.  The pictures below are of some of the Long Lake people who were volunteering.  They represent just 3 of the many who lent their time and talents to this successful event!


CC White said...

Great job everyone.

LongLakeLeisure said...

According to Minnesota's DNR website the previous latest date of ice out record for Long Lake in Hubbard County was May 10, 1996. If you scroll toward the bottom of the DNR's page (link below), on the right side there is a good explanation of the "Definition of Ice Out" and it's inconsistencies.