Friday, July 29, 2011

Lake Discovery Program a Hit

Below are photos featuring LLAA's first-ever Lake Discovery program which was lead by Jon Sams (a.k.a. "Sam-I-Am").  After describing the wonders of what we might see in this adventure, Sam-I-Am demonstrated ways to collect samples of aquatic life.  With buckets, nets, and other means we all enjoyed the process of collecting what the shoreline waters had for us, then coming back together to identify, count and learn about what we had found.

2011 Summer Lake Discovery Program Slideshow


Nancy Baer said...

This looks like a great event! All the kids and adults were having fun, enjoying nature and I couldn't see one cell phone or anyone texting!! Love it. I wondered if I needed to have a child to attend! Nancy Baer

Lakeseasons said...

You would be welcome either way, Nancy. :)