Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aquatic Vegetation Survey Completed

Rake used for taking samples.
Aquatic vegetation sample from rake.
James A. Johnson, Aquatic Ecologist, from Freshwater Scientific Services, LLC, completed our baseline aquatic vegetation survey on Tuesday evening (July 26, 2011) at sunset.  He worked from sunrise to sunset on Monday and Tuesday to complete the survey before the forecasted Wednesday rain.  You may have spotted him casting his rake.  He said we have a beautiful lake and that we need to be very diligent in protecting it.
The most common plants in the lake were Chara, Flat-stem Pondweed, Fries' Pondweed and Slender Naiad.  The maximum depth of vegetation growth is around 20 feet.  James noted there were a few small patches of wild rice.  He found no invasive plants in the aquatic vegetation survey.  We will post the survey documentation in December of 2011 when we receive it.
(Photos by James A. Johnson) 
 Information submitted by Sharon Natzel
Flat-stemmed pondweed

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