Monday, November 6, 2023

Two More Brief Loon Narratives

 From Margaret and Fred Rickers

Margaret and Fred Rickers live on Long Lake and had visiting family staying at Timberlane Resort. “Our 25-year-old grandson was outside when he noticed a loon on the shore and took a video of it. It seemed wounded and unable to fly. We contacted the Northwoods Wildlife Rescue at 

to help in the loon rescue with the Wildlife Recovery team available in the Park Rapids area. By the time they arrived, however, a wave had washed up and the loon could swim away. Disappointment! 

Video: Kenneth Sorenson 

“The following week a couple staying at Timberlane Resort saw a wounded loon on shore. They knew the beak was very dangerous and so they wrapped it in a towel and held the head to keep it from harming them. The woman held the loon and comforted it while the man removed a lure from its wing. They placed the loon on an oar and put it back in the water. A hopefully happy ending for the loon and those of us that love them.”

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