Sunday, November 19, 2023

Family Gathering for the Holiday?


Long Lake History: We need your input!
With another summer spent at the lake, comes new memories and stories to share.  Have you checked out our history tab on the website?  It features memories spanning many years shared by Association members. Early this past summer a team revised the Long Lake History section of our website:  ( It is now organized by decades to make it easier to find a story. 

Help Us Share Lake Memories
Please take some time to read these memories. Then, take the next step to document some of your memories and share them with me to post on the website. Our team can help you with editing, etc.

We're also looking for Memories/Photos of Family Properties Celebrating 100 Years


The west side of Long Lake started to be developed as a summer recreation area in the late 1920s. This means we have many lots owned by families that are celebrating 100 years on Long Lake! The Local newspaper is publishing some of these stories, but they are not shareable on our website. If you are a hundred year family cabin, please share your family's memories with us directly.

We’re also Looking for Memories and Photos from 1970 to the Current Year such as:

  • Water sports: What was your ski boat like? How did you learn to ski?
  • Fishing stories can include hooking everything from stumps to really big fish. What type of boat did you use for fishing?
  • Campfire stories, or songs

Take time to listen to the family stories this holiday season. Write the stories down and send your memories to

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