Thursday, June 3, 2021

LLAA adds Aquatic Vegetation Removal Stations to North and South Public Accesses

Sharon and Bob Natzel of the Long Lake Area Association (LLAA) have placed an Aquatic Vegetation Removal Station at both the north and south public accesses after receiving permission from the MN DNR, the county, and Hubbard Township. The station has an Aqua Weed Stick secured on a retractable cable to help boaters remove vegetation from under their watercraft and trailer.  Removing the vegetation where zebra mussels hang out (Eurasian watermilfoil or curly leaf pond weed) is important to keep AIS from hitchhiking a ride between lakes.*

Another important tool we have is the free Decontamination Station at the Hubbard County Transfer Station just west of the lake.  It's open 7 days a week.  Simply call ahead for your appointment at 218-252-6738.  The hot water will kill any AIS.  Because the Decon Station is so convenient, we recommend that you decon before you go to any other lake and then decon before you bring your boat back to Long Lake too.  Decon your watercraft between waterbodies!  More information on the Hubbard County AIS Program here:

*The placement of these vegetation removal stations required a large amount of preparation, such as gathering needed permissions, and physical labor, pouring concrete, etc. We owe Sharon and Bob Natzel many thanks for undertaking all this work.

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