Saturday, August 15, 2020

We need Your Individual Help! [The 1st of 3 posts]

On July 23rd, the DNR confirmed that 3 live adult  Zebra Mussels were found at the south access on Long Lake. The Long Lake Area Association (LLAA)  immediately sent information to all lake shore owners.  At this point the LLAA Board is continuing to consult with personnel from the DNR, RMB Environment Laboratories, (which analyze our water testing), and other experts.

The board has an action plan to help guide our decisions going forward.  The first part of the action plan is to measure the extent of the problem (with the help of lake shore owners) and to communicate with the public.  We need everyone to help us locate where the Zebra Mussels are on Long Lake.

As a part of the communication plan, we will be posting 3 blogs to answer key questions. 

First Question:  What does a zebra mussel look like?

The zebra mussel is a small shellfish named for the striped pattern of its shell. Color patterns can vary to the point of having only dark or light colored shells and no stripes. It is typically found attached to objects, surfaces, or other mussels by threads extending from underneath the shells. When placed on a surface zebra mussels are stable on their flattened underside.
For more information about Zebra Mussels:

Learn to ID Zebra Mussels   This page should  be viewable on your phone to use when you are on the lake.  If you find a zebra mussel attached to vegetation, take a picture, note the location.  If you can use the GPS on your phone; otherwise take a picture of the nearest cabin or dock.  Call or text our certified AIS detectors, Sharon Natzel  at 763-355-7908 or Jim Blodgett at 651-395-9317.  Remember that owners are not liable if a zebra mussel is found on their equipment.

MN DNR Zebra Mussel pdf

PS: Remember we need your help.
Please read our next two posts as they become available.

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