Friday, July 24, 2020

Important Announcement of AIS in Long Lake

Dear Long Lake Property Owner,

Invasive Species: 

The Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc. Board of Directors learned Thursday July 23rd through the MN DNR Northwest Region AIS Specialist, Nicole Kovar, and Hubbard County Environmental Specialist – AIS Program, Nicholas Macklem, that MN DNR has confirmed finding adult zebra mussels in Long Lake.
The zebra mussels are the little shells surrounding our native clam
The invasive, fingernail-sized mollusks likely went undetected last year based on the size of the zebra mussels found by DNR scuba divers at the south access. Zebra Mussels may encrust boat motors/hulls, smother native clams (see a MN DNR image below), and sharp shells can cut swimmer’s feet. 

What can we all do to contain the spread of ZM,  faucet snails, and prevent other AIS in Long Lake?  It is important for us plus our guests to use the FREE Hubbard County Decontamination Station when trailering boats to/from another body of water. Call ahead for your appointment: 218-252-6738; 812 Henrietta Ave. S, Park Rapids. The hot water kills adult Zebra Mussels and invisible ZM veligers, invasive aquatic vegetation like Eurasian Watermilfoil (confirmed in Big Mantrap) or Starry Stonewort (confirmed in Wolf Lake near Bemidji). Clean, Drain, & Dry gear & equipment. Allow 21 days dry time in moving a dock, lift, or raft.

Some Next Steps:   Having mapped the ZM genome in 2019, the University of MN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center is experimenting with potential Zebra Mussel 
treatments. ( . The board needs to explore whether Long Lake's situation can be helped by any of these treatments.

As soon as possible Please Check along your shoreline, rocks/sticks/native clams plus your dock/lift to help determine where Zebra Mussels adults are visible here on Long Lake.  

Find something? Email so we can ID/track locations to help determine if Long Lake meets qualifications for a DNR pilot project for treatment. Continue to use your zebra mussel settlement samplers as part of our “Eyes on the Water” program. 

Learn how to identify aquatic vegetation & look for AIS for Early Detection by joining Sharon Natzel's outdoor class on Thurs 8/6 at 10 AM at the South Access (socially distanced training – bring your own mask/gloves) 

The LLAA Board will continue to explore additional tools to help prevent the spread of Zebra Mussels and all other invasive species. 
The LLAA (HC) Foundation is also working on its annual fund raising driving which is starting the last week of July. Please watch for the information in your mailbox in the following weeks.

Click on this link for Frequently Asked Questions about zebra mussels in MN

Link to Minnesota DNR press release on finding 2 adult Zebra Mussels in Long Lake


JW Alseth said...

Are the photos stock, or of the actual find at the south public access of Long Lake Park Rapids?

Lakeseasons said...

I think they are stock photos. The Enterprise article said the divers spotted two adult breeding Zebra Mussels.