Monday, April 8, 2019

Update on Variance requested by RV Park

This is the text of a letter that is being mailed or emailed to all members of the Long Lake Area Association about a new variance application that will be considered on 4/22/19 by the Hubbard County Board of Adjustment. This information is being provided as part of our continuing mission to communicate with our members. 

These are links to the previous posts here on from last Fall concerning this matter:

April 7, 2019

Dear Long Lake Lake-shore Owners,

It has come to the attention of the Long Lake Area Association Board of Directors that Chris Bolton has requested a variance again from the recreational vehicle camping site 3000 sq. ft. minimum area requirement in Section 402.8.C of the Shore-land Management Ordinance. We wanted to let you know that there is an opportunity to provide your own comments, both written and/or in person regarding the requested variance 4-V-19 to allow 2400 sq. ft. minimum recreational vehicle camping site sizes instead of the minimum of 3000 sq. ft.  This area is part of his proposed RV Park on the northwest side of Long Lake on Hubbard County parcel ID: 13.42.05000. See the timeline for your opportunities to participate way below.   Your comments and your presence matter for Long Lake!

Part of LLAA’s mission and values support the association’s involvement in education and communication on commenting on this proposed project variance.

On Monday 4/22/19 at 6 PM, Hubbard County Government Center, 301 Court Ave, Park Rapids, Board Room #324, the variance 4-V-19 will be reviewed by the Board of Adjustment (BOA) along with other agenda items.  Instructions for navigating to the electronic county agenda and the variance applications are documented on the Notice of Hubbard County Board of Adjustment Public Hearing/Meeting for Variance Application 4-V-19 attached.

Your written comments should be addressed to and include Subject: 4-V-19  

        Eric Buitenwerf
        Environmental Services Director
        Hubbard County Environmental Services
        301 Court Avenue
        Park Rapids, MN 56470


The BOA Finding of Fact criteria may help guide you in creating your own specific, factual comments:

    •    Is the need for a variance due to circumstances unique to the property and not created
         by the current or prior property owners?
    •    Will the issuance of the variance maintain the essential character of the locality?
    •    Does the stated practical difficulty involve more than just economic considerations?

Now until Wednesday, 4/17/19 – 4:30 PM – written comments are due that you want the BOA to have in the morning as they leave from the Hubbard County Court House by van for the Lot Viewals.  See criteria for BOA above.

Thursday, 4/18/19 – 10:15 AM is the Lot Viewal Time +/- 30 Minutes.  The public can observe the BOA Lot Viewal by following behind the BOA once they arrive and just listen.  Don’t enter the lot until after the BOA arrives.  The property address for parcel 13.42.05000 is:  18080 Emerald Island Circle, Park Rapids, MN 56470

Monday 4/22/19 – 6 PM is the BOA Meeting in Room #324 of Hubbard County Gov. Center for the Variance for 4-V-19 and other items on agenda.  Also, during each meeting, there is a public comment opportunity limited to 3 minutes per speaker per agenda item.  See the Meeting Procedure on Environmental Services Website * or on the LLAA website on the Shoreline Ordinance tab.

    •    Go to
    •    Select Environmental Services under Departments
    •    Select Planning Commission / Board of Adjustments
    •    Information section has * meeting procedure* and Findings of Fact
    •    Use the Document Center to explore documents.  Agenda’s will be under the current
          year 2019

We hope you find this information helpful so that you can feel comfortable being part of the public comment process – written and/or verbal.  We look forward to seeing you at the BOA meeting if you are in the area.  We continue to work in partnership with the Neighborhood #6 team and the lawyer with shore-land ordinance experience, Mr. James Peters.


The Board of Directors of the Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc

Click here to see full Notice of Hubbard County Board of Adjustment Public Hearing / Meeting for Variance Application 4-V-19 

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