Friday, March 29, 2019

Spring Fever Watch is On: The 2019 Ice Out Contest

It's that time of year again!

Our "Spring Fever Watch" is on and Long Lake Area Association is announcing the 2019 Ice Out Contest.

✔️ The rules:
  • Submit your entries to:
  • This year all guesses need to be submitted by Earth Day which is Monday, 4/22/2019
  • The prize🏆for guessing the exact date of ice out is bragging rights on your superior insight.
  • Spring Quilt donated by Monika's Yarn & Quilt Shop
  • All who submit guesses will be entered into a drawing at this year's annual meeting for the best prize, a spring quilt donated by Monika's Yarn and Quilt shop!
✔️ From Lou Schultz:
"The sun has been shining and high temperatures in the forties this week and it is like winter has left us abruptly.  Yes, we still have pretty good snow cover but that sun feels so nice.
  According to our records, the median ice-out date is April 19.  We can tell from the data that we can be 99.7% sure it will not be before March 20 nor after May 18.  Kay is guessing April 19 and I am going with April 21 for this year."

✔️ From Paul Douglas (Star Tribune column):
"Readers are asking if winter is really over?  Sort of.  Expect a few final tantrums of slush in coming weeks.  On Friday a rain-snow mix may drop a couple inches of slush on far southern Minnesota. Don't worry.  It'll melt.  With any luck, we won't enjoy a mid-April blizzard this year."

✔️ It seems that snow should melt from the top down, but the truth is that it melts from the bottom up. The sun's warmth heats the darker ground, which melts snow at ground level.

✔️ Links to ice out information:


Unknown said...

I'm guessing April 27th this year!
Paula Roberts

Unknown said...

April 28th

Long Lake Area Association said...

To Unknown commenter: if you want to be in the contest, please email your name to That way I can get you on the list.

Unknown said...

I’m guessing May 1st.
Yvonne Goodmanson

I’m guessing May 6th
Don Goodmanson