Saturday, May 5, 2018

The ICE is officially OUT! May 5, 2018

Long Lake, 5/4/18, with a small bit of ice left by Sharon Natzel.
We have word from the variety of spotters around the lake that the last small patch of ice still floating (seen this morning) has now melted with today's wind and warm temperatures.  There is no ice evident this afternoon.

Therefore the official Ice Out date for Long Lake is 5/5/18.

Sharon will be reporting the information to the government ice-tracking sites and our Ice statistics team.  We update our ice data page when the stats are completed.

Ninety-one people sent in guesses as to the date of Ice Out this year!  Everyone is part of a random drawing for the prize quilt, with the winner being announced at our annual meeting on June 30th at the Hubbard Township hall.

Photo by Linda Johnson of a previous ice out in progress.


There were 2 guesses for Ice Out to be on May 5th.  Congratulations to Randy Williams and Pete & Carol Click.  They won the 2018 bragging rights to being the best prognosticators.

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Well it’s about time!