Friday, March 23, 2018

Time to Guess an Ice Out Date

Its been 94 days (as of 3/24/18) since Long Lake froze over for the winter.  According to our charts the earliest date for Ice Out was 3/26 in 2012.  The latest date for Ice Out was 5/11 in 2013.  For the next 10 days the Weather Channel is showing that Park Rapids will have temperatures hovering around 30° and maybe reaching the 40's for a day or two, however, the overnight temperatures will continue to be below freezing.  It does not appear Ice Out will be early this year!

So when will the ice leave Long Lake this year?

What is your guess?

Post your guess in a comment on the Facebook post or you can email your guess to

The person or persons with the correct guess as to when the ice is completely off the lake will be recognized on Long Lake Living's website and Facebook page.

All participants in this contest will be entered into a drawing for a quilt from Monika's Yarn & Quilt Shop in Park Rapids.

Below are links to ice out information to help with your guess.

Quilt for the drawing

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CC White said...

Long Lake : Ice reports from AnnaMarie Kern this Sunday: South end by Beach Haven: Pictured is an auger poking out (30 plus inches of ice 4/8/18) Report from Bob Pyle: that he bored a hole in the ice in front of their place (West side of Long Lake) yesterday and it measured 36 inches deep. Hopefully the people guessing ice out by the end of April will be right..but might be May! A lot of the snow banks melted today..but the lake is solid looking.