Thursday, January 24, 2013

Remembering Jack Kinney

Steve Kinney has emailed us with Jack Kinney's obituary information to share with friends and neighbors on Long Lake.  His father, Jack Kinney, a long time Long Lake summer resident, died on January 18, 2013 at age 91.  He spent many summers at 14486 Chippewa Loop on Long Lake, maintaining a cabin originally purchased in 1958 by his father, Frank Kinney.  This is the link to his obituary in the Park Rapids Enterprise:   John (Jack) Francis Kinney Obituary

Last year Steve shared pictures and the story of his family's cabin with us.  It's on our history page:
  • "Cabin Legacy" by Steve Kinney" - Steve Kinney shared several pictures and recollections of his family's Long Lake history.  If you have trouble viewing it try to zoom in or out, that seems to help with the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

He loved Long Lake as well as the surrounding area. He taught his family to do the same and it shows. It is a beautiful place with generations of great memories. He will always be a part of Long Lake.