Monday, January 21, 2013

The Cold is Here

The following is a quote from a post on Facebook this morning by association member, Nancy Baer, as the cold weather settled onto Long Lake.  This seems to say it all for the north country this week - but we know better weather is coming... it always does.

Photo by Nancy Baer
Nancy's post:
"Good Morning All!! -- I just thought I would fill you in on the weather here!! It's -22, actual temp. with a windchill of -39 and we expect it to get somewhat colder over tonight -- Colder? you ask? yes, colder! Keep in mind "it's a dry cold" chuckle, chuckle -- Colder? it doesn't make too much difference when it's this cold -- We will stay inside, cook something yummy and I will work on the basket workshop brochure!! -- It will be a very good day!! We will "HY-BAER-NATE!!"

Additional Photos:

Photo by CC White.

The windchill is much lower, but this was the temperature at noon today right next to the house. 

Ice fishermen near Breezy Point on Saturday.
Photo by CC White.

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