Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ice Out: Monday March 26th

As far as Linda and I can tell there have been no reports of ice on the lake since Monday.  Most of it was gone on Sunday and Barb Roberts reported that the ice in their bay was gone on Monday.

The chart with ice out data has the earliest date for ice out as April 2nd in 2010.  That chart has data since 1988.   It would really be interesting to find someone who has the data from even earlier. 


Nightvid said...

Is this a record for the earliest?

Barb Roberts said...

The ice in our end of the lake (north end) went out over night on Monday (March 26).

Lakeseasons said...

As far as we know this is a record (earliest ice out date for Long Lake) but we don't have records going very far back. I think we can safely make this assumption based on the records we do have and on weather data.