Monday, March 19, 2012

Long Lake Needs Your Help Now!

Please help!  Legislators say they need the help of Minnesota citizens. The DNR also says they have been successful implementing better policies for years because of the partnership with Minnesota citizens.  At the recent Detroit Lakes AIS Legislative Summit, the legislators said that it is very important that we write them letters with our ideas.  We are reminded again by Minnesota Waters of the importance of our correspondence.  You will find detailed information about all of this and it's importance in the link below including bills currently before the legislature, your legislator's contact information and a sample letter.

Use this PDF file to learn about links and speaking points:
Protecting Minnesota's most precious resource from AIS

A second very important issue is keeping Minnesota's Game & Fish Fund solvent beyond July 2013 and to maintain the work the DNR does to manage our resources and provide hunting & fishing opportunities.  Persons interested in expressing their opinion on this subject should contact their local state senator or representative.

Use this link to learn about the DNR's License Initiative:

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