Thursday, October 13, 2011

Loon Migration

Long Lake Loon by L.L. Kooyer
The Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center is continuing it's Common Loon Migration Study.  You may have seen the chart of the current migration.  [Common Loon Migration Chart]  It's been a popular link shared by Facebook friends.  However, there is much more to this site than just the chart tracking the location of the loons as they migrate.  Here are a few more of their page links to get you started:

1.  U.S. Geological Survey News Release on Tracked Loons - interesting information on the study and loons in general.

2.  Common Loon Migration Study Home Page - if the first "box" of links doesn't work, scroll down to try the second "box" of links.

3.  Loon Study - Frequently Asked Questions - in which you will find that Minnesota has the largest Common Loon population in the continental U.S.

4.  More About the Current Loon Study - they use "Geolocator tags" attached by leg bands on the loons to record daily location, temperature, and water-pressure data.

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Stu said...

This information is both fascinating and amazing as I consider the distances and dangers to these magnificent birds.