Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lake Shore clean up results from Saturday

These are the "unusual" items from the lake shore cleanup - home made minnow bucket, bobber, assorted cans / bottle tops / wrappers, balloon, leech/worm container, teddy bear, rope, carpet, broken step from  ladder, etc.....  
The mini Sponge Bob surfboard was adopted at 1:45 PM Sat by a boy from Hubbard for reuse.  Thanks to all who helped clean up the public accesses and the shoreline on Saturday!! 
Sharon N.   

PS:  The lunch was great too.  Thanks to all who brought dishes to share and the brats cooks.

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Anonymous said...

Great Job, Sharon!! Everyone can enjoy the beauty of Long Lake even more because of all your efforts and those who helped. Denny & Sandy