Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Will the Ice Go Out?

Beaver, 4/13/11 by LLK
Would anyone care to venture a guess on what this year's date for ice out will be?

To help you make your prediction I took a few photos this morning.  As I neared the lake a beaver was swimming by, so I've include the photo.  I wish I would have been closer, but I barely had time to snap this single shot before he/she was out of sight.

Close up of Shoreline, 4/13/11 by LLK

The rest of the photos show that the ice has turned slushy and has separated from the shoreline.  The next phase before "Ice Out" is when a series of cracks open up, zigzagging across the lake.  I'm pretty sure the ice will be out by Easter.   The question is which day?  Make your guesses and we will post photo updates once a day.

(You can view any photo in a larger format by clicking on it.)

Looking North from the West Side, 4/13/11 by LLK
Looking South from the West Side, 4/13/11 by LLK


Stu Hamilton said...

Thanks for the pictures! They are proof enough that the time is near to leave South Texas and head for the "cool" tranquility of Long Lake.

Anne Carter said...

I say April 28th for ice out.

Lakeseasons said...

Congratulations, Anne! Your prediction was correct. :)