Monday, April 25, 2011

Ducks and a Beaver?

Common Mergansers by LLK

 The birds are all returning north and as soon as there is even just a little open water the ducks come.  Some will stay, but many, especially the diving ducks will go farther north to Canada in a week or two.  In today's lake ice photos there are a couple pairs of Common Mergansers near Breezy Point and farther south along the west shoreline a large Mallard is swimming not too far from where a beaver (or large muskrat?) is calmly eating vegetation he has dragged up onto the ice.  The best part is the break you can see in the ice that extends the full width of the lake.  These are the cracks we've been waiting to see.  Hopefully there will be more cracks tomorrow; then the ice can't last much longer.

Mallard by LLK
Ice open full width of lake (w. beaver?) by LLK
Beaver or large muskrat eating out on the ice by LLK

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