Monday, March 14, 2011

The Thaw. :)

My Redfeathers by LLK
Yes!  It looks as though snowshoeing season is about over.  The angle of the sun is not only giving us longer days, but more heat to warm our homes.  Wildlife activity is increasing, along with chatter from the birds.  Hopefully, we will soon be talking about ice out.
The five day forecast calls for some major thawing as you can see in this chart from AccuWeather.

This means many of us can look forward (happily?) to our cars and shoes being caked in muck as we traverse our roads that become miry messes.  Is this not our springtime in the north?  By the time flowers appear up here, along with those beautiful soft greens, IMHO it's pretty much summer.  Flora or muck - here lies a question.  What constitutes spring at this latitude?  What constitutes spring where you live, if you are not here year round?

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Anonymous said...

Here in San Antonio, the Bluebonnets and other Texas wildflowers are the sure sign that we are well into spring. They put on an incredible spectacle of nature’s beauty, but this year our drought is greatly diminishing any display. We look forward to our second spring when we return to Long Lake.
Stu Hamilton