Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long Lake Living is now on Facebook.

More opportunities for neighbors to be social no matter where they are in the world.

Just click on the "Find us on Facebook" link (on the right sidebar) to check it out. 

You will see the posts from this weblog and more.  By clicking the "Like" button on our Facebook page you will be able to interact with other Long Lake fans in a variety of ways:
post on our wall,
upload your own photos,
add your "likes" or comments to your neighbors’ posts.

Please join us; then tell us what you like about Long Lake or share your stories, i.e. the one that got away, the fun you had decorating for the flotilla, or spotting a special bird, flower or animal, etc.

It's a place you can post your concerns, too, like "Whose Rottwieler is running loose on Chippewa Loop?"  Or "Does anyone know how to take care of an orphaned baby chipmunk?"

We would love to see your photos and don't forget to like and/or comment on what you see.

Not on Facebook?  I bet some of your kids or grandkids are!  Send this link to them.  They can keep up with Long Lake neighbors and friends.  It’s faster and reaches more people than just our association members.  How many "Likes" can we get???  Maybe we will find some long lost friends who just haven't been able to get to the lake.

Thanks to Linda K for all the hard work to set up this page.  :)

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