Thursday, August 24, 2023

AIS Alert: Starry Stonewort Found in Long Lake (Hubbard County)














Just one month ago, the Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc provided all Long Lake shoreland property owners a letter highlighting LLAA’s mission which includes education and communication. We also explained in that letter and at the LLAA annual meeting that a professional aquatic vegetation survey is planned for the entire lake every 5 years with 2023 being our next planned survey year.  

On Sunday morning, 8/13/23, during the aquatic vegetation survey, the team from vendor Aquatic Survey Professionals detected an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) called Starry Stonewort (SSW) in about a 5 foot diameter bright green patch underwater at a depth of about 10 feet. The SSW was confirmed by a DNR Invasive Species Specialist on 8/14/23.

Actions Underway:

  • The LLAA Ready Response to AIS team is currently working with the DNR Invasive Species Specialist and potential AIS management vendors for treatment and control to prevent further spread.
  • We will also reach out to the UMN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) to determine if current and past projects information or a pilot could be helpful.  

Check often for updates on this website ( and the Long Lake Living Facebook page.  

To learn more about Starry Stonewort, visit
If you have questions, please email Sharon Natzel, our LLAA AIS Prevention Coordinator at  

Learn More Here: 

5 Things You Can Do: 

  1. Donate what you can to the LLAA Foundation. 
  2. Decontaminate your watercraft and other aquatic equipment every time you move to another lake. (call 218 616 1631 to make your free appointment)
  3. Educate yourself on how to identify aquatic plants and animals. (see AIS Identification tab above this post:
  4. Volunteer for the shoreline monitoring teams watching for AIS.
  5. Be alert and contact if you suspect an AIS.

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